Peugeot Boxer 2007-2018

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Peugeot Boxer 2007-2018 - Instrument Cluster Repair

Common problems

  • Total failure
  • Illumination failure
  • Mileage shows 399.999 / ------
  • One or more LEDs glow dimly
  • No CANbus communication
  • One or multiple indicators malfunction

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Remanufacture a Peugeot Boxer 2007-2018 instrument cluster

The Peugeot Boxer has been part of the Peugeot range since 1994. The Boxer was based on the second generation Fiat Ducato and that shows. Traditionally, brands like as Citroën, Fiat and Peugeot join in partnerships. This means that these vans have many common features.

In the new type Peugeot Boxer produced from 2007 until 2018, we often see the instrument cluster fail because of various problems. One fault in particular is that the mileage shows 399,999 or ----- which can be quite annoying. We have a remanufacture solution available for this and other problems.

Common faults

The odometer issues are not the only thing that can fault in this instrument cluster. Other examples are faults in the illumination or one or more of the pointers that will not move anymore. These are all annoying faults that can lead to quite some frustration. Below we have a number of faults that can occur in these instrument cluster:

  • Complete failure of the instrument panel
  • One or more LEDs do not illuminate or illuminate dim
  • The speedometers or rev counter is no longer operating
  • No communication with CAN bus possible
  • Mileage shows 399,999 or ------ (just dashes)
  • The back lighting is no longer operative

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