8 Instrument Cluster displays which fail in the summer

Extreme heat and extreme cold: most people don't like it and that can be the same for instrument clusters. In the summer period, we often see a peak when it comes to displays in instrument clusters that malfunction due to the high temperatures. But in which cars do we often see that happening? You can read the 8 most common ones below!

Mercedes Benz Vito W447 instrument cluster

We kick off with the newest instrument cluster on the list. That is in fact the dash from the Mercedes-Benz Vito W447, whose production started in 2014. So anyone who thinks display complaints are a thing of the past are wrong! In fact, display complaints are the most common problem with this part. After the many questions we received from the automotive market whether we could repair this instrument cluster, our R&D department started developing a remanufacturing solution. In the autumn of 2019, this solution was ready and the instrument cluster was added to our product range. And after the first summer in which this instrument cluster was in our range, we were indeed able to confirm that this display is not very resistant to temperature fluctuations!

Mercedes Benz Vito W447 2014-

Renault Twingo 2 2007-2014 instrument cluster

From the German Mercedes-Benz we jump to the French Renault. Several hundred thousand Twingos were produced there between 2007 and 2014. And although this small hatchback doesn't look too crazy on the inside, the instrument cluster is a little unusual given the place where Renault has mounted it (in the middle of the dashboard), it is almost a kind of precursor to the head-up display. However, this somewhat remarkable spot does not ensure that the instrument cluster (and in this case specifically the display) never becomes defective. In this case, a defect often causes pixel errors, so that, for example, the speed can no longer be read properly from the display.

Renault Twingo 2 2007-2014

Ford Kuga 2008-2012 instrument cluster

A brand that can be found often in this list is Ford. And that probably comes as no surprise to the connoisseur, because anyone who regularly has a Ford in the workshop knows that Ford has built up a considerable (negative) reputation in the field of instrument clusters. Especially the second generation Focus (DA2) has contributed considerably to this. And you know what? The instrument cluster of the first generation Ford Kuga is the twin brother of this infamous dash! While error code U1900 is perhaps the most well-known defect for this part, we often see complaints with the center display of the instrument cluster. ACtronics has developed brand new displays for this problem that manage to solve the problem.

Ford Kuga 2008-2012

Ford Focus III 2011-2018 instrument cluster

We have just mentioned the second-generation Ford Focus instrument cluster, but its successor (which was introduced in 2011) also appears to be susceptible to malfunctions in the instrument cluster. Although a dozen defects are known to us, display complaints are by far the most common. It is possible that the display starts to flash or even completely fails. As with many other instrument clusters, we also see two 'peak periods' in this instrument cluster in which they seem to malfunction more often. This is in February and August: not coincidentally in the coldest and hottest month of the year.

Ford Focus III 2011-2018

Ford Transit Custom 2012-2018 instrument cluster

We close the chapter on Ford and the defective displays with the Ford Transit Custom produced between 2012 and 2018. And if you look at this instrument cluster, you will notice that it looks remarkably similar to the third-generation Focus that we just discussed. And that's right! Because apart from some adjustments in the styling and the housing, both instrument clusters are largely identical on the inside. The common defects are therefore also largely the same. However, there is one difference. On the Ford Transit Custom, a non-functioning display does not immediately mean that the fault is in the instrument cluster! If you read the error code U0073-88, U0155-00 or U0558-64 (in combination with a defective display), the problem is probably caused by the battery. The Ford Transit Custom has two batteries mounted under the driver's seat. One battery acts as a starter battery, while the second battery supplies the on-board network with power. As soon as this battery no longer transmits a stable power supply, this of course has direct consequences for various modules, including the dashboard. So always first diagnose the car in case of a failing display, before you conclude that the instrument cluster is defective!

Ford Transit Custom 2012-2018

Volkswagen Caddy/Touran 2003-2010 instrument cluster

Volkswagen can also be found two times in this list. Although, strictly speaking, there are three. Volkswagen used the same instrument cluster in the Touran 1T1/1T2 that was in production between 2003 and 2010 and the third generation Caddy (2K/2C_). Considering that these cars (and therefore these instrument clusters) have been rolled off the production line more than a million times, it is perhaps not surprising that they have ended up on this list. Display problems with this instrument cluster often concern pixel errors that can be resolved through remanufacturing.

Volkswagen Touran 2003-2010

Volkswagen Fox 2005-2011 instrument cluster

We already said it: we also regularly see a second Volkswagen car with display problems arriving at our remanufacturing department. It’s the Volkswagen Fox dash, which succeeded the Lupo in 2005. And although this car was produced in the same period as the previously discussed Caddy and Touran, this instrument cluster, on the other hand, looks very different. And that is also allowed given the price difference that was between these cars at the time. However, the problems remain unchanged: in addition to lighting complaints and problems with the speaker, display complaints are common with this instrument cluster. Fun fact, we don’t (yet) see this display problem with the successor to the Fox, the Up!.

Volkswagen Fox 2005-2011

Fiat Punto (Evo) 2009-2018 instrument clusters

We conclude this list with the instrument cluster used in the Fiat Punto (Evo). And anyone who often works with cars from Fiat's smaller brother Lancia will also recognize this dash. The Lancia Delta produced between 2008 and 2014 uses the same instrument cluster. Only the design of the housing differs. In addition to problems with the LED lights in the instrument cluster, display problems are by far the most common with this instrument cluster. The display may be difficult to read, or it may turn off completely. Thanks to our new displays (developed especially for this instrument cluster), the car can be safely on the road again. In the case of a Punto (Evo) with an automatic gearbox or with a natural gas engine, please contact us first about availability, because these cars have a different display.

Fiat Punto 2012-2018