Peugeot 207 Anti Pollution Fault; What does it mean?

If you search the internet for 'Anti Pollution Fault' combined with Peugeot, it will be obvious that this is a common fault. A large number of the models built between 2000 and 2014 suffer from this common fault. Even the Peugeot 207, that with 437.262 sold models was the best sold car in Europe in 2017, suffers from this fault. But what is it exactly and what can be done? The explanation is in this article.

How can the anti-pollution fault appear?

The Anti-Pollution Fault is a fault that can appear on the information display in the instrument cluster. The reason why this fault occurs differs from model to model. In the 207 (and the 207cc) this fault is often caused by the ECU or the head gasket. The fault that will appear in the 1.4 or 1.6 VTI models without a turbo in the Peugeot 207, is caused by an incorrect fuel/air ratio. This can cause the engine to misfire, this leads to the anti-pollution fault.

Another common problem in the MEV17.4 ECU that is installed in the Peugeot 207 is that the temperature sensor creates a faulty signal, so the coolant temperature is not shown on the instrument cluster. This in turn causes the coolant indicator to illuminate, so the engine fan will go to its maximum setting to cool the engine.

Remanufacture a Peugeot 207 with the anti-pollution fault?

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