Purple Points for Parts let’s you step up to the mark

Everyone deserves a pat on the back every now and then. That's why we've launched a new loyalty scheme called Purple Points for Parts' to reward the garages and dealerships for choosing ACtronics to remanufacture their parts. Staff within the garages can use our points for fun days out, including; Go Karting, Go Ape or Clay Pigeon Shooting.

As car owners, we are constantly offered discounts and various other perks in what is an extremely competitive industry. However, it is the garages and dealerships who work tirelessly (excuse the pun), servicing cars, fixing faults and keeping customers happy. We believe that they deserve a chance to be rewarded. We are offering them the chance to unwind, relax and have a laugh on us, on an action packed day out.

Car garages can be extremely competitive environments and we are proposing to crank up that friendly rivalry a notch by putting their Go Karting skills to the test. They’ll quickly be able to see who is a budding Sebastian Vettel and who needs to re-take their Legoland driving test. The competitive rivalry will become so great at the starting flag, with a few glares exchanged between work colleagues, it will bring back memories of the famous rivalries between Schumacher and Hakkinen.

However it’s not just team bragging rights at stake. We are also offering the chance to become an industry legend by inviting the best two industry drivers back for a winner takes all showdown alongside both our CEO and COO (who are both very formidable opposition). There will also be some great prizes up for grabs for the winner, in addition to occupying the much coveted winner’s spot on the podium.

If Go Karting doesn’t appeal, we are also offering the chance for our customers to release their inner Tarzan with a day out at Go Ape forest adventure parks or to even discover who is the sharpest shooter in the group by taking aim at a Clay Pigeon shooting range.

How Purple Points for Parts Works

  • Every part that is remanufactured by us earns 10 points. Exact points redemption requirements will vary by activity and location. As a guide, 12 minutes of karting will cost 25 points, 25 shots at clay targets will cost 36 points and a Go Ape experience will cost 32 points per person.

  • Any dealership or garage can register for the scheme by simply ticking a box on our remanufacture order form  on our website. When the remanufactured part is returned, you will find 10 Purple Points to add to your reward poster. This will help you keep track of your total.

We will will ensure awarded points are accurately logged and collated on our ordering system. Every shipped component will have information about the scheme.

Redeeming points is a simple and user-friendly process. When you have collected enough stickers, select the activity you want to do at a venue close by, give us a call and we will book it and pay for it up to the value of the points. For even greater flexibility, you can boost the value of the reward with cash to enhance the day out, for example, by paying to add extra staff members.

This loyalty programme will last for a nine-month period starting kicking off today, the 11th November 2014.  Read more about Purple Points for Parts.