Save with remanufacturing

The automotive industry is currently undergoing one of the greatest revolutions it has ever experienced. Electrification seems to be accelerating unstoppably, connectivity is not an advantage but a pure necessity, laws and regulations are changing and the circular economy is gaining an increasingly prominent place. This means that today's workshop must look for the smart solutions of tomorrow and that's exactly what ACtronics supports. We are happy to explain that!

ACtronics as an extension of your workshop

At ACtronics we are specialized in the overhaul of electronic car parts. In the fifteen years that we have been in business, we have learned a great deal about these parts and the failures they can produce. For example, we are specialized in remanufacturing ABS units, instrument panels, ECUs and TCUs. We have solutions for all brands. From Toyota to Volvo and from Tesla to Volkswagen.



2nd hand


In many cases better than new


Safe choice


Not guaranteed


Up to 80% cheaper than new


Often very pricey


Usually cheaper than remanufacturing


Pre-price info via catalog and website


Pre-price info via website


Price info after contact


Reconditioned within 48 hours


Usually 2 to 3 working days


Same day, if in stock and you pick it up


2 year warranty


2 year warranty


Usually 3 months warranty


Technical support from specialists


Instruction manual


Limited support


Software updates persist


Software updates must be performed again


Software updates may need to be rerun


No registration required


Registration usually required


Registration usually required


Defective parts are repaired


New raw materials must be used


Reuse of good parts


High-quality, cost-effective and sustainable solution


Safe but pricey choice


Operation and availability not guaranteed

Why is remanufacturing so much cheaper than new?

If you compare a revised part with new one, you will immediately notice a number of things in a positive way. For example, reprogramming is not necessary and revision stimulates the circular economy and that brings us in large part to the fact that remanufacturing is in some cases up to 80% cheaper than new. The big difference lies in the reuse of existing components. Remanufacturing prevents (or improves) all weak components of a part, the rest of the part is reused. We also produce these replacement components ourselves. This way we can be sure that these components are of OEM quality. Thanks to the quantities we produce, these are also cheaper than if we had to buy them!

Last year, thanks to the remanufacturing, we managed to save 100,000 kilos of raw materials together with our customers.

Remanufacturing is therefore a very nice solution

As you can see, remanufacturing is now a fully-fledged and price-worthy alternative to the use of new components. No reason to doubt, run your company sustainably and wish yourself extra happy customers and opt for an remanufacturing. We are happy to be there for you!