DSG 7 DQ200 (0AM) TCU

Average leadtime of 2 days (excluding transport)

Refurbishment cost (excl. VAT and transport cost)

If the part is not defective, we will charge test costs

Common problems

  • 005636/P1604 - Internal Control Module: Output Driver IC Error
  • 16946/P0562/001378 - System Voltage too low
  • Complete electronic failure in the gearbox.
  • Internal leak: P17BF - Hydraulic pump system overload protection
  • P189C/006300 - Function Restriction due to Insufficient Pressure Build-Up
  • Short circuit in transmission control unit and/or fuse blown.
Professional remanufacturing process
Second opinion (entry test)
24 month warranty
Completely qualitative alternative
Technical support