DSG 7 DQ200 (0AM)

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DSG 7 DQ200 (0AM) - TCU Repair
By choosing to remanufacture this part, you save 11 kg in raw materials.

Common problems

  • Short circuit in transmission control unit and/or fuse blown.
  • Complete electronic failure in the gearbox.
  • 005636/P1604 - Internal Control Module: Output Driver IC Error
  • 16946/P0562/001378 - System Voltage too low
  • Internal leak: P17BF - Hydraulic pump system overload protection
  • P189C/006300 - Function Restriction due to Insufficient Pressure Build-Up

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How we work

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Can be remanufactured

OBDII VAG Description
P0562 16946 System voltage, voltage too low
P0841 17225 Sensor / pressure switch transmission fluid pressure A, Unlikely signal
P1604 18012 Control module defective
P177F Hydraulic pump system, supply voltage too low
P17BF Hydraulic pump system, overload protection
P1895 18303 Functional limitation due to pressure drop
P189C Functional limitation due to insufficient pressure

Remanufacture may be possible

OBDII VAG Description
P173A Position sensor 1 for Gear Selector, unlikely signal
P173B Position sensor 2 for Gear Selector, unlikely signal
P173C Position sensor 3 for Gear Selector, unlikely signal
P173D Position sensor 4 for Gear Selector, unlikely signal

Check the position sensors and the corresponding magnets for contamination by metal particles.

If there is any contamination, check the gearbox thoroughly for mechanical wear/damage. Then clean the sensor and check that the error code is still present. If this is the case, then it is still plausible that the TCU is defective and needs to be remanufactured.

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Cannot be remanufactured

OBDII VAG Description
P072A Neutral not selectable
P072B Reverse gear not selectable
P072C 1st gear not selectable
P072D 2nd gear not selectable
P072E 3rd gear not selectable
P072F 4th gear not selectable
P073A 5th gear not selectable
P073B 6th gear not selectable
P073C 7th gear not selectable

The above error codes usually appear after installing the Mechatronic. These error codes indicate that one or more shifting pins are not properly mounted in the forks of the gearbox.

DSG 7 DQ200 (0AM) repair

DSG stands for "Direkt Schalt Getriebe” or Direct Shift Gear. The 7 for the number of gears, the letters DQ for transverse placement of the transmission and 200 for the nominal torque. The control device of this DSG transmission is called "Mechatronic" It is therefore in fact also a self-shifting manual gearbox. The 0AM is a 7-stage version with a transverse transmission with a nominal torque of 200 Nm, equipped with a dry plate coupling. The 0AM is used in various small and mid-range cars of the VAG group: VW Golf IV, VW Polo & Audi A3.

The driver can notice faults with the DSG gearbox when the gear shift indicator in the dashboard flashes, the DSG gearbox no longer shifts and the car shocks when driving away. Moreover, the DSG can spread a burning smell in and around the car.

Common faults and fault codes

Common faults include a short circuit in the gearbox control device and/or a blown fuse, complete electronic failure of the gearbox and internal leakage in the hydraulic block. Various fault codes can also occur on other control devices in the car.

Technicians can observe faults during a test drive or during a workshop inspection of the vehicle. If  a short circuit is present in the TCU ("Mechatronic"), a burning smell is observed and communication with the unit is no longer possible. 

The problems and defects are often caused by conductive deposits in the gearbox oil. This leads to a short circuit and a burned-out fuse of the "Mechatronic". Cracks in the hydraulic block around the pressure accumulator may be present as well. This is due to the large mass of the accumulator in comparison to the unit. 

Remanufacturing process 

Before a TCU or other component is submitted, it is important to make a proper diagnosis. This will enable a proper and quick remanufacture to rectify the fault.

Repair a TCU DSG 7 or other parts?

Would you like to remanufacture a faulty DSG 7 or others TCU-unit? If you believe your TCU to be faulty, please complete a remanufacture order form. Please pay attention to any additional items that may be required for us to test the unit. 

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