Together for Ukraine

On February 24, the situation in Ukraine escalated. In a matter of weeks, hundreds have been killed or injured and around two million Ukrainians are on the run. The material damage is extensive. The developments now threaten to end in a humanitarian disaster for 44 million Ukrainians.

There is a need for immediate emergency aid, such as shelter, medical care, psychosocial assistance and clean drinking water. For the Ukrainians, including 7.5 million children, nothing is certain anymore. They depend on humanitarian aid and need our support now.

This is how we help the victims

That is why we are taking action together for the people of Ukraine. Emergency workers hand out food, blankets, medicines and fuel in harsh and risky conditions. They also provide psychosocial help to people on the run and to those left behind. In shelters and safe houses, displaced Ukrainians can take shelter, catch their breath, wash themselves, eat and drink. Safe transport is also provided for those who cannot arrange it themselves.

Make an additional donation?

Would you like to make an extra donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) yourself? Of course you can, because help is desperately needed!

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Every bit helps. Hopefully together we can make a difference and mean something to the victims.