The company

Through remanufacturing, ACtronics offers the possibility of affordable solutions for electronic components and so driving remains affordable for everyone. By using remanufacturing, unnecessary use of new parts is also reduced.

ACtronics started in 2004 in an attic room with the question whether faulty electronic components could be given a second life. It soon became clear that ACtronics had entered a new market and slowly the demand for the remanufacture of electronic components in the automotive industry increased as well.

In recent years the knowledge has increased and ACtronics now has 15 years of experience in quality reviews of electronic car components. ACtronics has grown into an international company with customers from all over Europe!

Qualitative and sustainable solutions

From our head office in Almelo, more than 120 employees work daily on testing and overhauling steering, braking and transmission systems, instrument panels and throttle bodies. To ultimately increase the lifespan of a reconditioned product and to deliver a better quality than the original product with a two-year warranty on an overhaul.

“ACtronics statement for delivery of the best ready electronic components in the mobility branche”

The ability to revive defective products contributes to a sustainable and circular economy. In a world where there is an increasing demand for sustainable applications by consumers and legislation and regulations. With remanufacturing, ACtronics offers a solution for the reuse of defective electronic components in the automotive industry.

Innovation is our power of service

The Research & Development and Remanufacturing departments are responsible for the development and focus on high-quality revisions within our company. This is where the challenge lies to continuously innovate and develop new revision solutions and to be able to continue to guarantee quality.

ACtronics has advanced facilities with equipment that is often developed in-house to carry out overhauls. We do not only want to revise, but where possible we also want to realize a structural improvement. The result is better quality and a longer lifespan. A number of core values apply to us:

  • The best reconditioned electronic components;
  • Excellent price/performance ratio;
  • Two years warranty;
  • Personal service and advice in your language;
  • Exclusively car garages and dealers;
  • A drive for revision within 48 hours;

The revision process consists of a number of different steps from entry test to a final test, before a product is returned to a customer. During the revision process, after the entry tests, any weak and/or vulnerable components are identified and (preventively) replaced. This is done to guarantee the quality of a product and to improve the lifespan compared to a new product.

Looking for a remanufacture solution?

Have ABS-units, ECUs, instrument clusters or throttle bodies overhauled by us? By creating an account on our website, car garages and dealers have the opportunity to submit remanufacture orders and have components overhauled by us. Also check out our instructional video that explains the process of a remanufacture order.

Do you want more information about remanufacture solutions that ACtronics can offer your organization? Or do you want to have a remanufacture of a product that cannot be found on the website or other questions? Contact us at or call 01206 849920.

ISO certified

ACtronics Ltd are proud to announce that we are ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified for the remanufacture and supply of replacement automotive electrical parts. For further details about our commitment to the environment please contact us on