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June 23, 2022


The experts in remanufacturing car-electronics

If you are not familiar with ACtronics: we have specialised in the remanufacturing of electronic car-parts. In the last 15 years we have had great success and therefore we can proudly say that we are the market-leading remanufacture company. With branches all over Europe and an international customer service team we are able to give our customers a quick and fitting remanufacture solution

Why repair when you can remanufacture?

Do not get us wrong, we encourage everything that can give a car part a second life, but why would you limit to repair if there is a better alternative like remanufacture? During a remanufacture all the weak point in a car part will be attended to, not only the parts that are actually defective. We probably do not have to explain that this approach will create a higher quality and therefore a longer life of the part.

We are convinced of our methods, that is why we will give 2 years warranty on our remanufactured parts. Remanufacturing is an excellent alternative for a (much more expensive) new replacement part. Why spend money when an economical option is available?

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