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The experts in remanufacturing car-electronics

If you are not familiar with ACtronics: we have specialised in the remanufacturing of electronic car-parts. In the last 15 years we have had great success and therefore we can proudly say that we are the market-leading remanufacture company. With branches all over Europe and an international customer service team we are able to give our customers a quick and fitting remanufacture solution

Why repair when you can remanufacture?

Do not get us wrong, we encourage everything that can give a car part a second life, but why would you limit to repair if there is a better alternative like remanufacture? During a remanufacture all the weak point in a car part will be attended to, not only the parts that are actually defective. We probably do not have to explain that this approach will create a higher quality and therefore a longer life of the part.

We are convinced of our methods, that is why we will give 2 years warranty on our remanufactured parts. Remanufacturing is an excellent alternative for a (much more expensive) new replacement part. Why spend money when an economical option is available?

Guaranteed quality because of methods

Since 2005 ACtronics has been active as a remanufacture-expert of electronic car-parts in Europe. Our innovative methods have made us able to grow in to the market leader.

Every effort has been taken. Think, for example, about our in house developed simulation platform Vision 6. This hardware helps us localising faults and defects. It is possible to use this platform for endurance tests of the parts. Besides, over the years several other advanced machines have been developed to test (remanufactured) car electronics reliably. Think of the Cyclone 2, that can flow controlled air through an air mass meter to read and adjust values very accurately.

But our methods go further than developing test equipment. Before we list car-electronics in our catalogue, we do extensive research to develop the best remanufacture solution. We are always looking to improve quality and life span. A good example is the way we treat broken conductive tracks on printed circuit boards: if there is a way we can make the track stronger than the original, then we will do this.

Solutions for different kinds of car-electronics

Actronics has a diverse assortment of electronic car part: ABS-Units, ECUs, Instrument Clusters, Throttle Bodies, TCUs and many other parts can be remanufactured at ACtronics. If you are unsure if we list a part, use the free search function on the top of the page. You can search on Make and Model or search for an OEM number. You can, of course, as well contact our customer service.

Is it possible to remanufacture the part and would you like to create an order? Select the make and model and answer the questions. Some products are available straight from stock, but if this is not possible then we will use our standard procedure: we will carry out a diagnostic test and if possible, remanufacture the part. In special cases we will discuss the situation and give an updated price.

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