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1. Delivery and more

What are the delivery options?

If you have remanufactured a part with us, you have two options to receive the part. You can choose to pick up your remanufactured part at the office in Colchester, or we send your part to your address. With the last option, we will send the package with our delivery service to you.

How can I see when I will get my part back?

You need to be logged in to view the status of your orders. When you click on ‘My Account’ and go to remanufacturing orders. We also automatically send an email as the package is registered with us for shipment.

Which delivery company is the package sent to me with?

We send our packages with UPS. If you prefer to pick up your package, you can indicate this during the ordering process.

How can I send a part to you?

Before you send your parts to us, you must complete a "Remanufacturing Order" on our website. Log in with your account and follow the steps. You can choose to send the part to us yourself, or you can use our pick-up service. If you do not have an account yet, you can easily create one.

How can I have a package picked up at my garage with the pick-up service?

ACtronics offers a pick-up service to pick up your package at the workplace, With this pick-up service, you do not have to deliver the package to a package point or post office by yourself, the package is picked up by our transport partner UPS in your workshop. If you want to use this service, please call our customer service team after completing the remanufacturing order form.

More information about the pick-up service can be found here.

Where can I find the label for the pick-up service?

Your UPS label will be sent by email from our customer service team, just print it off and fix it to the outside of the box. Also check your spam box for receipt as it often happens that this mail ends up there.

To which address do I have to send my part?

ACtronics LTD
Unit 3
Brunel Court, Brunel Way
Severalls Business Park
United Kingdom

This address can also be found on the remanufacturing form

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs for the United Kingdom are £15 (or £25 if we collect and deliver), excluding the TCUs. If several parts are sent at the same time, the price may differ depending on the weight.

What is the best way to package the part?

Transport damage is very annoying, it delays the remanufacturing process and may incur additional costs. Therefore, make sure that the box in which the part is being sent is large enough. The part must not touch the side walls of the box to prevent damage during transport. It is important that the empty spaces in the box are properly filled with bubble wrap, air cushions or other filling material. This prevents the part in the box from shifting or tilting during transport. Don't forget to include the required parts and remanufacturing order form with the package!

I see that I have to send my DSG in a special crate. How does this work?

The DSG gearboxes are sensitive parts that are easily damaged during transport. That is why ACtronics has developed special DSG transport crates. Do you have a defective DSG gearbox that you want ACtronics to overhaul? Then contact our Customer Service Team on 01206 849920 or via They will provide you with a transport crate so that the part comes to us safely and without damage and is ultimately returned to you.

I have not received my package. What now?

If you have not yet received your package, it may be that we have sent a message asking for additional information or additional components to be able to perform a proper diagnosis. The status of your order can be found in ‘My Account’ on our website. If you can't figure it out, or should the package have already been delivered and this has not yet happened? Then contact our customer service team.

2. Create a remanufacture order form

I want an electronic car component to be remanufactured. What do I have to do?

You need to create an account on our website, which will be approved by our customer service department. You can then enter an order form (ROF) on the website. After you receive the order confirmation, you can send us the component. After we have received the component, it will immediately go to the remanufacturing process.

View the benefits of remanufacturing at ACtronics here.

Does ACtronics also do business with private individuals?

ACtronics is a Business-to-Business (B2B) company and therefore works exclusively for car workshops and dealers. However that doesn't mean we don't want to help private individuals, so you can use the good and cheaper alternative that ACtronics offers. However, you must make this request via your car workshop or dealer, or contact our customer service. They can get you in touch with a car dealer in your area that uses the expertise of ACtronics.

Does ACtronics deliver electronic components from stock?

We can supply certain products from stock. Contact our customer service for more detailed information. They can inform you at all times if the desired component is available from stock.

Where can I find my OE number?

Every component has an OE number. You can find this number of the white label on your product, or in some cases, it has been lasered into the product. The OE number is not always readable from the outside of the car. In many cases, the component must be removed from the car to be able to read the OE number. An example of an OE number can be found in the image below.

Wo finde ich meine OE-Nummer?

I cannot find my component on the website. What do I need to do?

Can't find your defective component on our website? Then it is still possible to send us the component to request a quote. Our product specialists will then see on a case-by-case basis whether remanufacturing is possible.

If we are able to remanufacture the component, you will receive a final quote from one of our specialists. If it turns out that we cannot remanufacture the component, we will only charge research costs.

I have to send extra components (required items) with the parcel. Why does ACtronics need these?

To test and remanufacture the component as well as possible, we may need additional components in some cases. These can be components such as the car keys, or immobilizer. These required items can be found on the remanufacture order form.

Can I change the order after I placed it?

Contact our customer service if you want to change something after placing an order.

Where can I see how much the remanufacturing of my component costs?

With remanufacturing you save up to 80% compared to new components. Remanufacturing prices are visible on the website after you have created an account and it has been approved by our customer service.

Can I get help with creating a remanufacture order form?

Need help with your order form? Contact our customer service team directly. We are happy to guide you in creating a remanufacture order form.

Does ACtronics also remanufacture radios or navigation systems?

No, remanufacturing of radios and navigation systems are not part of our product range.

3. Payment & warranty

Which payment options are available?

When the component has been remanufactured our customer service team will contact you for payment, normally card payment is taken before we send the component back, alternatively you can pay cash on collection or arrange a bacs transfer.

I have to pay research costs. What does this mean?

When the component arrives at our HQ, an entry test is performed before the component is remanufactured. If a product is not defective, research costs will be charged. If this is the case, we will inform you about this. There is a good chance that the problem can be found elsewhere in the car.

Where can I see my invoices?

You must be logged in to view all your order invoices. Then click on "My Account" and go to invoices.

How can I submit a warranty?

If a component has become defective within the two-year warranty period, the component can be offered again to us. To submit your warranty, you have to fill in a remanufacture order form, where it can be indicated in the comments that the part has gone defective within the guarantee period.

Do you give a warranty on the remanufactured components?

Yes, we give a standard two-year warranty on all our remanufactured components!

4. My account

How can I create an account?

An account can be created by navigating to login and choosing to register. A verified account is required to view prices. A verified account can be assigned to garage companies that have a valid Chamber of Commerce number. After an account has been processed and approved, you can view the prices and order.

How can I change my address?

After you have logged in you can change your billing address or delivery address via ‘My Account’.

My account has not yet been verified. How can I verify my account?

If your account has not been verified yet, it might be possible that you have recently created an account. After a new account has been created, we will check whether it is not a fake account and we will check whether it is a business account in the automotive sector. We only do business with other companies (b2b) in the automotive sector. Once we have confirmed this, we will verify your account. You don’t have to do anything for this.

I have forgotten my account password. Now what?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password via forgot my password. Enter your e-mail address, click on confirm and you will receive a verification e-mail to set a new password.

How does ACtronics handle the privacy of my data?

Privacy-sensitive data or personal data is secured via our website. ACtronics considers careful handling of personal data of great importance. Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us.

How can I change my e-mail address?

Changing your billing information such as the billing e-mail address can be done via 'My Account'. If you want to change the account e-mail address, you will need to contact our customer service team. They can merge accounts or possibly change your e-mail address if desired.

I do not have a Chamber of Commerce number, but this is required. What now?

ACtronics only works with companies in the automotive industry. To confirm this, we ideally need a Chamber of Commerce number, if you do not have this then our customer service team may be able to manually verify your account still.

5. Revision process

What is the delivery time / lead time of a revision?

The average lead time of a component at ACtronics is one or two business days from arrival. To ensure that the lead time does not expire, we ask you to ship all components in a well-packed box, as indicated in our packing instructions. It is also important to make a correct diagnosis of error codes for the part.

What happens if my component isn’t defective?

For a part that is not defective, only the testing costs will be charged.

What happens to my component when it is in the remanufacturing process?

After the part has arrived at our logistics department, the component is subjected to an Entry Test. Here the component is extensively tested to identify the problem. The component then goes through a tailored revision process and will be revised. At then finally, during the End-of-Line test, we test the component again to check it's working correctly. If this is the case, our logistic department will send the component back.

Want to know more about our revision process? View our 5 step remanufacturing process here.

What is the status of my revision assignment?

You must be logged in to view the current status of your revision. Then click on ‘My account’ and go to revision orders/orders.

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