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TCU Repair

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The TCU uses various components and is therefore also sensitive to defects and malfunctions. Because the cause of the complaints / error codes can also be mechanical, we always perform an entry test on all incoming components. ACtronics offers the possibility to have a TCU unit remanufactured instead of repaired.

What is a TCU?

TCU/TCM stands for "Transmission Control Unit", a computer that controls, among other things, the switching actions of a semi-automatic gearbox. The TCU uses sensors, actuators and the ECU to control the transmission of the car. The TCU uses sensors to measure things such as entering speed, outgoing speed, coupling pressure and fluid temperature. You might imagine that the system cannot work properly when a signal from one of these sensors does not arrive at the processor.

Testing and remanufacture of TCM

A TCU is a complex component, where the brain always co-operates with sensors (sometimes built into the TCU) and actuators. This makes testing and remanufacturing of these components very difficult. That is why ACtronics has developed a dedicated test set-up for every TCM in the range, with which all functions can be thoroughly checked.

Problems with semi-automatic gearboxes often have a mechanical cause. (Consider, for example, a worn coupling, iron filings on the sensors, etc.) Therefore, always check all mechanical components very carefully before the TCU is suspected.

Get the TCU remanufactured by ACtronics?

Do you want to have a defective transmission control unit remanufactured? You can submit a remanufacture request quickly and easily via our website. ACtronics has an extensive range of TCU modules from well-known brands and models such as: Mercedes Benz Temic VGS (722.8), Easytronic F13 / F15 and DSG 7 DQ200 (0AM). Do you want to have a product remanufactured that cannot be found on the website? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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