Durashift (Ford & Mazda) TCUs

Common problems

  • Fault code P0810
  • Instrument cluster shows 'f' permanently
  • Poor gear changes
  • Vehicle won't start anymore

How we work

We remanufacture the part you send. Prices are exclusive of VAT and possible shipping costs. Offer only applies to garages and dealers and not to individuals.

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DURASHIFT (FORD & MAZDA) fault codes

  • P0610 Transmission Coding Error
  • P0614 ECM en TCM not compatible
  • P0641 Sensor Reference Voltage “A” Circuit/Open (5V sensor circuit)
  • P0642 Sensor Reference Voltage “A” Circuit Low
  • P0810 CLUTCH POSITION FAULT (Fault code for brush replace)
  • P0949 Auto Shift Manual Adaptive Learning Not Complete


  • P2786 Gear Shift Actuator Temperature Too High
  • P2787 Clutch Temperature Too High
  • P2789 Clutch Adaptive Learning at Limit
  • U0415-20-TCM CAN fault communication with ABS