Durashift (Ford & Mazda) TCU

Average leadtime of 2 days (excluding transport)

Refurbishment cost (excl. VAT and transport cost)

If the part is not defective, we will charge test costs

Common problems

  • Fault code P0810
  • Instrument cluster shows 'f' permanently
  • Poor gear changes
  • Vehicle won't start anymore
Professional remanufacturing process
Second opinion (entry test)
24 month warranty
Completely qualitative alternative
Technical support
Affordable pricing

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DURASHIFT (FORD & MAZDA) fault codes

  • P0610 Transmission Coding Error
  • P0614 ECM en TCM not compatible
  • P0641 Sensor Reference Voltage “A” Circuit/Open (5V sensor circuit)
  • P0642 Sensor Reference Voltage “A” Circuit Low
  • P0810 CLUTCH POSITION FAULT (Fault code for brush replace)
  • P0949 Auto Shift Manual Adaptive Learning Not Complete

  • P2786 Gear Shift Actuator Temperature Too High
  • P2787 Clutch Temperature Too High
  • P2789 Clutch Adaptive Learning at Limit
  • U0415-20-TCM CAN fault communication with ABS