ACTRONICS: proud partner of international rallying

Engaging with our communtiy is crucial for us at ACTRONICS. That is why we are always looking for new opportunities to play a meaningful role within society. Our partnerships in rallying contribute perfectly to this. Rallying requires many skills, teamwork, preciscion and professionalism, a desire to strive for continious improvment. These are all parallels that can be drawn between our work at ACTRONICS and the work to develop robust, reliable and competitive rally cars.

nl Hellendoorn Rally

The Hellendoorn Rally, perhaps the largest and most beautiful rally in the Netherlands, will receive a major upgrade for its 42nd edition on September 20 and 21! Just like with the F1 Grands Prix, rally fans will be able to vote online for their favorite team or most spectacular performance. The team with the most votes will take home the title 'ACTRONICS Driver of the Day'! ACTRONICS has attractive prizes available for both the final 'Driver of the Day' and for those who cast their votes.

Date: 20-21 September 2024
Check online: Hellendoorn Rally

Hellendoorn Rally

❝Sponsorship by ACTRONICS puts our organization in the spotlight and supports both our history and our future as a caring organization❞

ADAC ACTRONICS Rallye Sulingen

de ADAC ACTRONICS Rallye Sulingen

The ADAC ACTRONICS Rallye Sulingen is one of the most famous rally events in Germany. The special stages, which consist of both asphalt and gravel roads, are demanding for both drivers and machines and attract teams from all over Germany. The rally is also part of both the Dutch and Danish Rally Championships and is also the opening race of the fully electric Opel e-Rally Cup.

Date: 2-4 May 2024
Check online: ADAC ACTRONICS Rallye Sulingen

❝The interest in rallies is deeply rooted within our field and among our customers❞

es ACTRONICS Rallye Tierra de Madrid

The Spanish capital Madrid is the perfect backdrop for the ACTRONICS Rallye Tierra de Madrid. The ambitious and passionate organization provides an event that acts as a magnet for teams from all directions. Large crowds of spectators gather around the gravel roads and is therefore one of the highlights in the Spanish gravel championship.

Date: 4-5 October 2024
Check online: ACTRONICS Rallye Tierra de Madrid

ACTRONICS Rallye Tierra de Madrid

ACTRONICS Rallying Highlights 2024