Private Individuals

ACTRONICS works with both main dealers and independent garages. That means there is always a Service Point close to you, a private individual. Search the map below and quickly find a garage that will be able to help you to have your defective ECU, ABS, instrument panel or other part remanufactured!

How does it work?

On the road again in 4 steps


Find a garage

Use the Service Point map to find your local garage 



Get in contact to schedule an appointment



Have your garage send the part off for remanufacturing


Back on the road

Get your car back on the road safely and without problems

Why choose for remanufacturing?

With our remanufacturing concept, we are able to return defective electronic car parts back to their new condition. This allows us to offer a solution that is much cheaper (up to several hundred pounds) than a new unit and is better for the environment as well.

Parts to remanufacture

Our Service Points and Their Story

Dom’s Garage

Dom’s Garage
Certified ACTRONICS Service Point

Dom’s garage is a well-established RAC approved garage within the Letchworth area. Their friendly staff are trained to service and repair your car to the highest standards.

Purling Transport

Purling Transport
Certified ACTRONICS Service Point

If you're looking for a reliable Car Garage in Ipswich, look no further than Purling Garage, specialists in a wide range of garage services including car servicing, tyres, mot, car repairs and air conditioning in Ipswich.

VW Audi Workshop

VW Audi Workshop
Certified ACTRONICS Service Point

VW Audi Workshop are independent VAG Specialists along Woodbridge road in Ipswich. They concentrate on all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars, but also catering for all makes and models.

Trinity Auto Ipswich

Trinity Auto Ipswich
Certified ACTRONICS Service Point

Lee at Trinity Autos in Ipswich has been trading since 2017 and has been working with ACTRONICS since the start. The business is expanding year on year and is looking to get an MOT bay in the near future to add to the many services he offers at present.

Curious about the interviews with our Service Points? Read here all the stories.

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