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Bosch BMS43 - ECUs
Bosch BMS43


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ECU Repair

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Does the car not want to start or is it not reacting when the accelerator pedal is pressed? Then there may be problems with the ECU. The ECU/ECM uses various components such as connectors with a printed circuit board and is therefore sensitive to defects and malfunctions. ACtronics offers the possibility to have an ECU remanufactured instead of repairing it.

What is an ECU/ECM Module

How does an ECU work? An ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is also known as an engine management computer to manage and control the engine functions. If you can think of valves, turbo pressure, injectors and other components. The ECU unit is the heart of the car that ensures that everything works together efficiently. The ECU is connected to other sensors and chips for the car to work properly. In the newer models of cars the ECU also has other tasks such as controlling the air conditioning, cruise control and the alarm.

Get the ECU Remanufactured Instead of Repaired

ECU's can be divided into two groups: conventional ECU's and hybrid ECU's. The remanufacture of conventional ECU's takes place at our soldering department. We use original new components such as semiconductors, chips and sensors. Where possible, an alternative is chosen that functions even more reliably than OEM. With a hybrid ECU, the focus is mainly on renewing hybrid connections (bonds). The ceramic printed circuit boards on which these connections are attached require very special equipment (ultrasonic bonding) that is able to carry out the renewal process fully automatically.

Testing & Repair of the ECU/ECM

Our Vision6 test platform is used for testing ECU's. This system is able to fully simulate the functions of what the ECU would be doing in the car. The platform is regularly provided with updates, so that the latest technologies can be successfully tested. Communication with the latest CAN, LIN and J1850 network buses is therefore no problem.

Get the ECU Module Remanufactured by ACtronics

Do you want to have a defective ECU remanufactured? Through our website you can quickly and easily have electronic parts remanufactured. ACtronics has an extensive range of ECUs from well-known brands and models such as: Bosch Mev 17.4, Bosch EDC16U1 and Valeo J34P. Do you want to have a product repaired that cannot be found on the website? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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