Bosch MEV17.4

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Bosch MEV17.4 - ECU Repair
By choosing to remanufacture this part, you save 0.72 kg in raw materials.

Common problems

  • Fault on 5 volt circuit
  • Signal to ignition coils is missing
  • Fault code P0130, P0053, P0054 on O2 Sensor (lambda sensor)
  • Problems with ground connections
  • No injector(s) signal

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How we work

We remanufacture the part you send. Prices are exclusive of VAT and possible shipping costs. Offer only applies to garages and dealers and not to individuals.

Remanufacture of a Bosch MEV 17.4?

The Bosch MEV 17.4 is an ECU that can be found in various PSA models (Peugeot, Citroën) from 2007 on. The ECU is used for the 1.4 VTI and 1.6 VTI petrol engines without turbo, engine code 8FS and 5FW. Although the unit itself often fails, there are many external causes as well. If the problem is in the ECU itself, we have a remanufacturing solution available.

Possible fault codes in a Bosch MEV 17.4 ECU

Ignition problems often indicate a fault in the ECU. Defects with the lambda sensor heating can often attribute to a faulty ECU unit. ACtronics has developed a specific remanufacture solution for this. The combination of error code P1602 and P1030 may indicate gear wear: “variable valve lift shaft pinion”. In this case it is not always the ECU that causes the problem.

The combination of error code P0031, P0037 and P0444 may indicate a defective F19 15 Amp fuse. Lambda sensor bank 1, lambda sensor bank 2 and the fuel tank vent valve have a common power supply. Error code P023B is common with the 1.4 VTI and 1.6 VTI engines. Usually the cause of this is a faulty crankcase ventilation heater.

Effects on other components on the car

Although a faulty ECU can in theory have a major impact on the operation of other control units in the vehicle, no specific effects are known at this time. Error codes may arise that relate to other components such as the ABS system.

A defective unit can cause faults like the engine not starting, running irregularly, creating insufficient power or illumination of the engine fault light. Continuing to drive with a faulty ECU can result in potential engine damage. Also, in many cases the MOT will not be passed due to emissions.

Remanufacturing a Bosch MEV 17.4 process

How do we repair the ECU? Before a remanufacture, an entry test will be performed. Depending on the outcome of the test and the faults in the ECU, a remanufacture will be done by one of our engineers. During the remanufacture, defective parts are replaced by new components. At the end of the process, a final test is performed to verify that the faults have been resolved and the ECU is operating properly. Unfortunately, we are not able to remanufacture ECU's that have been damaged by fire or water. Make sure a proper diagnosis has been made before sending the unit to us. Only if we receive the right information with the faulty unit, will we be able to remanufacture your part.

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