Mercedes Benz Temic VGS (722.8) CVT / FCVT

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Mercedes Benz Temic VGS (722.8) CVT / FCVT - TCU Repair
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Common problems

  • Fault on idle speed sensor
  • Fault codes P0657 / P0717 / P0720 / P0722 / P0739 / P0741 / P0793 / P0794 / P0896 / P1634 / P2722 / P2731
  • Fault on Transmission Range Sensor

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Can be remanufactured

OBDII Description
P0657 The voltage supply of the control unit solenoid valves in the CVT is faulty
P0705 Transmission range sensor circuit malfunction
P0717 The RPM signal from component Y3/9b3 (CVT input RPM sensor) is not available
P0720 Output speed sensor malfunction
P0722 The RPM signal from component Y3/9b5 (CVT output rpm sensor) is not available
P0739 Secondary RPM signal of component Y3/9b5 is not available
P0741 Actuation of torque converter clutch not possible
P0793 Intermediate shaft speed sensor circuit Y3/9b4 no signal
P0842 The output voltage of component pressure sensor is faulty (short circuit to ground)
P0843 The output voltage of component pressure sensor is faulty (short circuit to possitive)
P0896 Impermissible adjustment of the step-down ratio in the CVT
P1634 Component Y3/9n1 (CVT) is defective or the voltage supply is faulty (undervoltage)
P2722 Impermissible closing of hydraulic clutch
P2731 Impermissible closing of hydraulic clutch

The error codes in bold may appear on their own or in combination with other error codes listed above. Remanufacture is only necessary in combination with other relevant error codes.

If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service.

Remanufacture may be possible

OBDII Description
P0706 The signals of the range selector are implausible in comparison to the signals from the electronic selector lever module
P0718 The RPM signal from component Y3/9b3 (CVT input RPM sensor) is implausible
P0723 The RPM signal from component Y3/9b5 (CVT output RPM sensor) is implausible
P0794 Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit Y3/9b4 Intermittent

For the above error codes, first check the sensors for contamination by metal particles. This can also be a thin grey (greasy) layer.

If there is any contamination, check the gearbox thoroughly for mechanical wear/damage. The image below shows where the critical points are located.

Then clean the sensor(s) and check that the error code remains present. If this is the case, then it is still plausible that the TCU is defective and needs to be remanufactured.

If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service.

Cannot be remanufactured

OBDII Description
P0730 The gear ratio in the CVT is not permissible

Possible causes for this error code to appear:
- Contaminated gearbox oil
- Failing shift solenoids
- Various mechanical defects in the gearbox
- Various hydraulic defects in the gearbox

P0841 While driving, the actual hydraulic pressure is implausible in comparison with the specified hydraulic pressure in the CVT
P0868 Transmission fluid pressure low
P2723 Impermissible opening of hydraulic brake “reverse gear” has occured in the continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) when selector lever “N” was engaged
P2732 Impermissible opening of hydraulic clutch “forward gear” has occured in the CVT

The above error codes appear when hydraulic pressure is lost. This may be due to the blue and white O-ring in the hydraulic block (see chapter “The Mechatronic in detail”) or cracks in the hydraulic block itself. Contaminated gearbox oil can also be a cause. Always flush the gearbox and check the hydraulic block thoroughly if these error codes are seen.

P0984 The steel thrust belt in the CVT is slipping

The slipping of the tension belt can have several causes. However, this is often due to mechanical wear. In some cases it may be necessary to replace the tension belt and/or other components in their entirety.

Let’s repair a Temic VGS 722.8 CVT/FCVT? The Temic VGS / CVT is the brain of the Autotronic CVT 722.8 transmission that is used in the Mercedes Benz A-Class W169 and B-Class W245 from around 2005. This combination was deliberately chosen, because a CVT usually takes up relatively little space and yet still works very comfortably. The Temic VGS is ideal for a smaller Mercedes-Benz. A driver may notice that there are problems with the gearbox due to error messages appearing on the dashboard, because the car will not be able to switch gearing properly.

Common faults and fault codes

The technicians in the workplace can observe faults during a test drive and will be able to see and read the live data, which will then give the technician an idea of where the fault or faults lie. Because of vibration and temperature influences where the TCU is located, it is common for the Temic VGS to have its failures on the printed circuit board (PCB). These common failures can include: The car goes into emergency mode; The gearbox no longer shifts; The gearbox switches randomly to "N" or an illogical gear; The TCU TEMIC VGS / CVT 722.8 can be found on both Mercedes Benz A and B class from 2004. Common complaints are faults on the speed sensors and on the switch position sensor. These faults mean that the TCU is unable to switch gears properly or not at all.

Repair a TCU Temic or other parts?

Do you want your faulty Temic 722.8 or others TCU-units to be remanufactured? If you believe your TCU to be faulty, please complete the rest of the remanufacture order form. Please pay attention to any additional items that may be required. Here are some other suggestions that could be relatable: DSG 6 DQ250 & DSG 7 DQ200 Do you want to have a product remanufactured that cannot be found on the website? Then contact us to see if we can help you with your problem!

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