Mercedes Benz Temic VGS (722.8) CVT / FCVT TCU

Average leadtime of 2 days (excluding transport)

Refurbishment cost (excl. VAT and transport cost)

If the part is not defective, we will charge test costs

Common problems

  • Fault codes P0720 / P0722 / P0793 / P0794
  • Fault on idle speed sensor
  • Fault on Transmission Range Sensor
Professional remanufacturing process
Second opinion (entry test)
24 month warranty
Completely qualitative alternative
Technical support

Customer reviews


I have just agreed to remove a bad review, because this company has now done something about our issue. Unfortunately I don't seem able to totally remove. I will give a four star rating as a manager has now taken charge to sort out our problem.

Woodson Cars

Absolutely fantastic service. Within 48 hours of the unit being received by these guys I was called to say it had been fully repaired and on the way back. Extremely efficient and looking forward to using them again!!!

Pfeiffers Garage

We regularly use this top company, they are very professional and fix most faults. If they can't fix it they don't charge for testing unlike others out there.