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About Audi

Audi has long been the more luxurious version of Volkswagen and with great success. Now that is not surprising, because the mix of reliable VW parts with new technologies such as Virtual Cockpit, LED lighting and Quattro drive make an Audi just a little more desirable than a "normal" Volkswagen. To fortify this feeling, numerous S and RS models have appeared: cars with serious power that, despite their looks and performance, are perfect for everyday use. It is understandable that Audi has become a popular brand.

Most remanufacturing is carried out with these 5 Audi:

  • A3 / S3 / RS3 (incl. Sportback) (model 8L, 8P, 8V)
  • A4 / S4 / RS4 (incl. Avant, Cabrio) (models 8E, 8H, 8K) (platform B6, B7, B8)
  • A6 / S6 / RS6 (incl. Avant) (model 4F, 4G) (platform C6, C7, C8)
  • Q5 / SQ5 / RS Q5 (model 8R)
  • TT / TTS / TT RS (model 8N, 8J, 8S)

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