ATE MK70 ABS-units

Common problems

  • Malfunction of pump
  • Multiple failures on CAN-Bus system
  • Multiple failures on wheel sensors
  • No communication with ABS ECU possible

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Let’s repair an ATE MK70

The ATE MK70 (Continental/ Teves) is an evolved version of the MK60. The ATE MK70 can be found in cars like: Audi, Fiat, Ford, Mazda, Suzuki and others. Most fault codes can be traced back to the wheel sensors and communication with the ABS-ECU. 

Remanufacture of an ABS-pump or other components

The ABS-unit consists of three parts, the pump-motor, the HCU (Hydraulic Control Unit) and ECU (Electronic Control Unit). These three parts make sure that the unit is operating optimally. Would you like to just remanufacture the pump-motor or ECU?

ACtronics only accepts full ABS-Units, because our experience shows that other components in the unit can fault as well.

Possible defects and fault codes in an ATE MK70

Many faults in the ATE MK70 are found in the signals from the wheel sensors or the communication of the ABS-unit with other components in the car. These faults are not found in just one single car manufacturer. A faulty wheel sensor will prevent the correct data to be received by the ECU. The processor on the PCB will not be able to operate normally and this will result in a fault in the system. 

Communication on the CAN network are often caused by a faulty processor. This fault can be solved replacing the processor on the PCB in the ABS-ECU part of the ATE MK70. 

De ATE MK70 can create the following common fault codes:

  • No communication possible with the unit
  • Faults on the CAN-bus
  • Several different faults on the wheel sensors
  • Fault in the pump motor

Would you like to know more about the operation, defect or remanufacture process? Read the ATE M70 Knowledge article.

Remanufacture your ABS-unit by ACtronics

Would you like to remanufacture your Bosch or other brand ABS-unit? On our website you can create a remanufacture order form. ACtronics has a wide variety of ABS-units from well-known manufacturers like the ATE MK60 Hydraulic unit and the Bosch 5.7.

Would you like to remanufacture a product that is not listed on our website then please contact our customer service.

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