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About Fiat

Fiat has had many popular models in the past, but it is very rare that a car model is to everyone's taste. The original Fiat 500 has really taken on the status of an idol over the years and people spontaneously start to smile when the little Italian passes by. You can imagine it wasn't an easy job to design a new 500 that would be as popular as the original. Nevertheless, Fiat has succeeded again: the new 500 is also a real sales success and by regularly updating the model, the "novice" is still selling well almost 15 years after the introduction. Yes, the Italians can build nice little city cars.

Most of the parts are remanufactured from these Fiat models:

  • 500;
  • (Grande) Punto;
  • Bravo;
  • Fiorino;
  • Ducato;

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