ATE MK20 ABS-units

Common problems

  • Malfunction on pump motors
  • Multiple failures on wheel sensors
  • No communication with ABS possible

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Repair an ATE MK20?

The ATE MK20 can be found in various vehicles ranged in the mid and large segment from car manufacturers like: Audi, Ford, Renault & Volkswagen. The ABS unit consists of three components: the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), the HCU (Hydraulic Control Unit) and the pump motor. The entire ABS unit can be remanufactured. ACtronics has a revision solution available for the ATE MK20 for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) numbers that can be selected in the drop-down menus on our website.

Possible defects and fault codes

The defects that occur in the MK20 can be related to several problems: the wheel sensors, the pump motor or the inability to communicate with the ABS unit. The defects can be noticed while driving as the ABS system can cause vibrations in the brake pedal. Fault codes can be read by the garage and when measuring live data while driving. It is important to make a good diagnosis before a unit is sent in so our engineers will know what problem to look for and apply the proper remanufacture solution.

ATE MK20 error codes


  • 701 - Pump motor faulty within the hydraulic aggregate


  • C1095 - Motor relay


  • DF096 - Control unit malfunctiony

VW Transporter

  • 01130 - Unacceptable permanent signal
  • 01276 - Hydraulic pump ABS incorrectly intermittent
  • 16352 - Control module incorrectly intermittent


  • 1276 - Motor relay / Hydraulic pump
  • 04FC - Motor relay / Hydraulic pump


  • 112 - Pump motor
  • 443 - Pump motor
  • BCM-0050 - Control unit signal incorrect, communication with BCM signal is missing
  • BCM-0116 - Communicatie met AYC-sensor communicatie probleem
  • ECM-940F - Brake pressure sensor error
  • BCM-0139 - Pre-pressure valve, brake-pressure booster
  • BCM C00201C - Pomp motor
  • BCM-0070 - Pump motor supply voltage incorrect signal
  • BCM-0072 - Pump motor mechanical failure
  • P-0070 - Pump motor relay incorrect

Risks and effects to other components in the vehicle

The ABS system increases the safety of the car. The safety can be compromised in the event of a faulty system. When continuing to drive with a defective unit, faults can occur in other components as well, like the ECU or transmission control unit. The ABS light will also illuminate in the car.

Remanufacture an ABS-unit by ACtronics?

Would you like to have an ATE MK20 or other ABS module remanufactured? You can create a remanufacture request quickly and easily on our website. ACtronics has an extensive range of ABS units from well-known brands and models like: ATE MK25 or Bosch 9.0 ESP.

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