ATE MK25 ABS-units

Common problems

  • Malfunction on pump motors
  • No communication with ABS ECU possible

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We remanufacture the part you send. Prices are exclusive of VAT and possible shipping costs. Offer only applies to garages and dealers and not to individuals.

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Repair an ATE MK25?

The ATE MK25 ABS unit is used by various car manufacturers like: Audi, Volkswagen , Mercedes and many others. The faults that occur differ per car make and model. The faults in an ATE MK25 are mainly caused by bad wiring or a defective pump motor. ACtronics has a remanufacture solution available for a faulty ABS unit. Just select the correct make and type in the drop down boxes on the website.

Possible defects and fault codes

In general two types of complaints occur: errors on the pump motor and loss of communication with the ABS unit. The complaints show while driving: the ABS warning light will come on. In addition to the ABS warning light, the live data will show if the ABS Unit still receives data from the wheel sensors. Fault codes in the ABS-unit can be stored in the memory, to be read by a scanner later. The error codes that can be generated by these problems can be found below:

ATE MK25 Error code


  • C1310 - Pump motor / Engine relay faulty
  • C1967 - High pressure pump 
  • 5967 - High pressure pump 
  • 22887 - High pressure pump
  • 5001 - ESP control unit - intermal failure (20481)
  • 5944 - ESP control unit - intermal failure (22852)
  • 5945 - ESP control unit - intermal failure (22853)

VW Touareg

  • 01276 - Hydraulic pump ABS incorrectly intermittent
  • 04FC - Hydraulic pump signal out of range

Jeep Patriot

  • C2119

Remanufacture solution for the ATE MK25

Before an ECU is remanufactured by one of our engineers, an entry test is first performed. Depending on the results of this test, a remanufacture solution will be performed. The defective and weak components may or may not be replaced preventively to improve the service life. Before a unit is returned, a final test is carried out to verify that the defects have been resolved and the unit is operating properly again.

Remanufacture an ABS-unit by ACtronics?

Would you like to have an ATE MK25 or other ABS module remanufactured? You can create a remanufacture request quickly and easily on our website. ACtronics has an extensive range of ABS units from well-known brands and models like: ATE MK20 or Bosch 8 ESP.

Would you like to have a product remanufactured that cannot be found on the website? Please contact our customer services to discuss the possibilities.

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