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About Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes is using the slogan ‘Das beste oder nichts’ for a reason. Every different type of Mercedes is supplied with a fair amount of electronics. As long as all these work everything is fine. But these electronic parts can fail as well. Even though this happens fairly regularly, in our opinion Mercedes can still be proud off the innovation they put in their models. The technical faults can make repairs difficult, even for a specialist, but without this stately brand form Stuttgart, we would not have the safety and comfort that you can expect from a modern Mercedes.

The most remanufactured parts can be found in these 5 models of Mercedes-Benz:

  • A-Class W168 / W169 / W176
  • B-Class W245 / W246
  • C-Class W202 / W203 / W204 / W205 / S202 / S203 / S204 / S205
  • E-Class W210 / W211 / W212 / S210 / S211 / S212
  • Sprinter W901 / W902 / W903 / W904 / W905 / NCV3

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