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Mercedes-Benz ECUs (ECM/MSM/MSG/MSE) we can remanufacture them

Innovations are fantastic, but sometimes car manufactures go one step too far. A good example is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class W169. To keep the new small car as compact as possible, the choice was made to lightly tilt the 4 cylinders to be able to attach as many electronic parts as possible to the engine. As if that was not enough, Mercedes-Benz choose to combine the air mass sensor and the computer in to one single part.

We are, of course, talking about the VDO MSM (2) ECU. These ECUs do have the unfortunate reputation to create fault codes that refer to the air mass sensor. Besides illuminating the engine management indicator, it often causes the engine to idle irregular or a loss of engine power.  The VDO MSM is not the only Mercedes-Benz ECU with technical faults though: several C-Class models suffer from problems like not-starting or complete failure during driving. Luckily, for this we have a fitting remanufacture solution as well.

For these 5 types of Mercedes-Benz models do we remanufacture the ECU most:

  • A-Class W168 / W169 / W176
  • B-Class W245 / W246
  • C-Class W202 / W203 / W204 / W205 / S202 / S203 / S204 / S205
  • E-Class W210 / W211 / W212 / S210 / S211 / S212
  • Sprinter W901 / W902 / W903 / W904 / W905 / NCV3