Mercedes-Benz instrument clusters

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Mercedes-Benz instrument clusters, we can remanufacture them

We already discussed the slogan ‘Das beste oder nichts’. Mercedes-Benz are doing their very best to make this true for their interiors as well. The finish is not only impeccable, but the technology is state-of-the-art, especially in the electronics integrated in the dashboard.

Take for example the instrument cluster: Mercedes-Benz filled this with innovation. Even in an instrument panel that is coming to age (like the instrument cluster in the E-Class W211) or a simple looking instrument cluster (like the one in the Sprinter W906), a lot of technology is hidden behind the “analogue” speedometer. Unfortunately, from time to time, all these modern electronics do cause their problems: Instrument clusters do (partially) fail.

The top 5 of most remanufactures Mercedes-Benz instrument clusters:

  • Sprinter W906
  • Vito / Viano W639
  • Vito W447
  • E-Class W211
  • C-Class W204