Mercedes-Benz TCUs

Looking for a remanufacturing solution for Mercedes-Benz TCU? Use the filters above to select the correct part. If the correct part is not listed, please contact our customer service.

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Mercedes-Benz TCUs, we can remanufacture them

Mercedes-Benz uses the slogan ‘Das beste oder nichts’ not for nothing. Every type of Mercedes-Benz is equipped with a load of technology. The automatic gear boxes can be called revolutionary. The modern mechatronics creates a fluent transmission in all circumstances. A lot of this technology has been developed in house, but for the electronics an external party was sourced.

If we look at the TCUs that Mercedes-Benz uses, then we see that they cooperate a lot with VDO: we see their logo on the Siemens FTC, Temis VGS and the Continental 7G-tronic. Unfortunately, these TCUs do come with their faults, but ACtronics has a remanufacture solution for all of them.

The TCUs below are the ones we see most for remanufacturing:

  • A-Class W168 / W169 / W176
  • B-Class W245 / W246
  • C-Class W202 / W203 / W204 / W205 / S202 / S203 / S204 / S205
  • E-Class W210 / W211 / W212 / S210 / S211 / S212