Mercedes Benz Siemens FTC (722.7)

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Mercedes Benz Siemens FTC (722.7) - TCU Repair

Common problems

  • Multiple Gear change errors errors
  • P1840 - Valve Y3/7Y1 - PWM Solenoid valve 1/4 shift
  • P1841 - Valve Y3/7Y2 - PWM Solenoid valve 3 shift
  • P1842 - Valve Y3/7Y3 - PWM Solenoid valve 2/5/R shift
  • P1843 - Valve Y3/7Y4 - PWM Solenoid valve Torque converter lock up clutch
  • P1850 - Y3/7N1 - Transmission RPM sensor
  • P1858 - Y3/7S1 - Starter lock-out contact

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How we work

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Can be remanufactured

OBDII Description
P1840 (2120) PWM solenoid valve 1 / 4 shift
P1841 (2121) PWM solenoid valve 3 shift
P1842 (2122) PWM solenoid valve 2 / 5 / R shift
P1843 PWM solenoid valve torque convertor lockup clutch
P1844 PWM shift valve circuit
P1850 (2204) Transmission RPM sensor Y3/7n1
P1858 (2227) Starter lockout contact
P1897 Control module N15/7 faulty
P1903 Control module N15/7 faulty

Remanufacture may be possible

OBDII Description
P1895 (200a) Internal fault in control unit

This error code will never actually appear independently. Therefore, look carefully at the rest of the error codes to make the correct diagnosis.

P1709 Park / Neutral switch
P1756 Selector lever implausible
P1872 CAN signal from gear regognition module faulty
P1875 CAN communication ESP
P2031 No signal or error signal from control unit N15/5
P2210 Selector lever coding is invalid
P2211 The selector lever is in an intermediate position
P2212 The selector lever position is implausible
P2318 Fault in CAN communication with control unit N15/5
P2333 The CAN signal from control unit N15/5
P2338 The CAN signal from control unit N15/5
2310 CAN communication with TCS failed
2311 CAN communication with ECU failed
2312 CAN communication with ECU failed
2315 CAN communication with instruments failed
2316 CAN communication with A/C failed
P240C The CAN signal for the selector lever position from control unit N15/5

These error codes may indicate that the gear selector lever is defective. In many cases, this is also revisable.

If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service.

Cannot be remanufactured

OBDII Description
P1884 (2123) PWM shift valve pressure
P1886 1-4 / -3 downshift PWM valve pressure too low OR 2-5 pressure too high
P1887 (2531) 1-4 or 2-5 shift slide valve jamming in basic position Shift valve pressure to low
P1888 1-4 or 2-5 shift slide valve jamming in basic position Shift valve pressure too high
P1889 2-5-R downshift PWM valve pressure too low Transmission slipping
P1893 Pressure too high at regulating valve or solenoid valve 1 / 4 or 3

These error codes often indicate mechanical defects. Check the gearbox carefully for wear and/or damage!

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