Mini R55, R56, R57 2006-2014 FRM

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Mini R55, R56, R57 2006-2014 FRM - Body Control Unit Repair
By choosing to remanufacture this part, you save 1 kg in raw materials.

Common problems

  • Problems with one or more exterior lights
  • Electronic door locks do not work
  • Turnsignal problems

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Mini Footwell Control Module (FRM): Troubleshooting and remanufacture service from ACTRONICS

Are you looking for a solution to problems caused by the Mini Footwell Control Module (FRM)? Between 2006 and 2014 this module was used in the Mini R55/R56/R57 and in the Mini Countryman R60. A defect in this part can lead to various annoying problems, such as the non-functioning of the central locking. In addition, lighting problems of, among other things, the number plate lighting, rear lighting, dipped or parking lights and direction indicators can occur. Another known defect is the failure of the power windows at the front and/or rear.

Mini Footwell Control Module (FRM) error codes

In addition, the following error codes may be triggered due to a defect in this module:

  • A3B4 - Message Error (Lighting State, 0x21A), Receiver Instrument Panel, Transmitter Footwell Module
  • A3C1 - Message Error (Lighting State, 0x4F0), Receiver Instrument Panel, Transmitter Footwell Module
  • A559 - Instrument Cluster Power Supply Has Been Switched Off (Closed-circuit Current Cutoff Relay)
  • 9CBB - Short Circuit Fault
  • 9CBC - FRM: Short Circuit Fault

It is important to note that the above problems and error codes often occur with a defect in the Mini Footwell Control Module and that the problems often arise after replacing the battery or when the battery has been empty. If you encounter one of these error codes, it most likely indicates a problem with the FRM module and ACTRONICS can help you with our remanufacturing solution.

Have your faulty FRM repaired by ACTRONICS

Fortunately, ACTRONICS, as a B2B remanufacturing partner for car companies, has developed a reliable solution to solve these faults in the FRM module. With the repair of the original part, there is no need for coding. This saves time and effort. In addition, every customer receives a 2-year warranty on the work delivered, giving you peace of mind after the repair.

ACTRONICS is known for its high quality remanufacturing services and ability to repair complex electronic modules. With our expertise and experience, we provide a sustainable solution for the Mini Footwell Control Module (FRM). As a B2B partner, we work with automotive companies to provide customers with a hassle-free and cost-effective module replacement option.

So if you have problems with the Mini Footwell Control Module (FRM), trust ACTRONICS for a reliable remanufacturing solution. Contact us today, or start your order right away!

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