Renault (Grand) Scénic 2 2003-2008

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Renault (Grand) Scénic 2 2003-2008 - Instrument Cluster Repair
By choosing to remanufacture this part, you save 1 kg in raw materials.

Common problems

  • The instrument panel is failing
  • The instrument panel does nothing
  • Trip meter and clock jump to zero on contact
  • The display remains blank

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How we work

We remanufacture the part you send. Prices are exclusive of VAT and possible shipping costs. Offer only applies to garages and dealers and not to individuals.

Let’s repair a Renault Scénic 2 cluster!

This instrument cluster is used in the Renault Scenic 2 manufactured between 2003 and 2008. Common faults that we see with this cluster are the failure of displayed information or wrongly displayed information.  Sometimes the mileage or clock changes randomly or the cluster can fail completely. These faults can be noticed by the driver or an engineer in the workshop. Vibrations can brake connections on the PCB. These loose connections can cause the previously mentioned faults.

Effect on other components

The faults created in the instrument cluster have no effect on other components in the vehicle.


If the faults in the instrument cluster are not resolved, this may result in partial or total failure of the unit. The odometer can display illogical values that might make the vehicle fail its MOT test or cause trouble when trading in or selling the vehicle.

Installation instructions for the technician

For the removal of the instrument cluster, the manufacturer’s instruction must be followed. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing the instrument cluster. ACtronics will always send a codecard with instructions how to get the instrument cluster reinstalled in the car after a remanufacture. Please follow the instructions on this codecard. And do not forget to clear any error codes that are present in the memory of the cluster.

Remanufacture solution for the Scénic 2 2003-2008 

The instrument clusters will be tested upon arrival. During this test, it is verified if the fault found by the customer is observed by our engineers. If the faults have been observed, the instrument cluster will enter the remanufacture process. After this process the cluster will get an End of Line (EOL) test. It is verified if the faults have been resolved and if the instrument cluster is functioning as supposed to. The instrument cluster is also fitted with a new screen.

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