Global Reman Day - 8th April 2021

Despite the current issues going on around the world, ACtronics are trying to continue to operate as close to usual, for our many customers around the globe, in many countries. However, we do feel that this day needs some celebration.

During the Global Reman Day, companies who have a passion for remanufacturing are celebrating the beauty of the reman industry. The best thing of this event is that it is celebrated worldwide. There are initiatives from China, Zambia, Poland, Mexico, India and so on. As a proud remanufacturing company, ACtronics would also like to celebrate this special day!

One of the biggest advantages of remanufacturing, is that a lot of raw materials can be saved compared to a new component. Together with our clients and customers, we can limit material consumption and repair used components back to almost new. It was precisely this, that has brought us to this question. How much do we save together on raw materials each year by remanufacturing electronic car parts? This question is the reason why we delved into our systems with the fantastic results below. Remanufactured to last!