Knowledge article - ATE / Continental MK100

Less is more, that also applies to the ATE / Continental MK100 to a certain extent. An alliance between these two electronics superpowers ensured that the MK100 was taken into production in 2015. This gave the popular MK60E/MK61 a successor. The MK100 is smaller and lighter, but offers many additional functionalities and integrations, making it also suitable for vehicles with an electric or hybrid engine.

From Dacia to Nissan and from BMW to Ford, you'll find the MK100 in cars from every continent and in every segment, that's not surprising: the MK100 is made in various variants, so that there is always a suitable ABS system available for every type of car. There is even a version of the MK100 developed especially for motorcycles! Combine this with the fact that the ABS system is also ready for electrification (and regenerative braking) and you will understand that this ABS system is an outright sales success.

The difference with its predecessor

But what has changed then? If you compare the exterior of the MK100 and its predecessor (the MK60E/MK61), you would initially say: "not so much". Of course you can see that the MK100 is more compact and smaller and that the cover of the pump motor is not sprayed, but otherwise you see few differences.

The ATE MK61 (left) and the ATE MK100 (right)

The big difference is (as is often the case) inside. What is especially striking is the size of the eeprom. Despite the smaller circuit board, this is more than twice as large. You can imagine that the ABS ECU gets quite hot to process all the data. What is therefore new is that the MK100 has a metal plate on the back of the circuit board that can disperse the heat. Because even though many functions can be added through software, in certain cases some hardware adjustments will also have to be made.

The PCB of the MK61 (left) and the PCB of the MK100 (right)

What complaints can this component cause?

There are various complaints where the ABS system can be the possible cause. Complaints of this nature, which we are able to resolve thanks to remanufacturing, are:

  • Wheel sensor complaints
  • Pump motor complaints
  • Communication complaints
  • Locking wheel(s)

In which cars does this ABS unit often break down?

Now we come to the curious aspect of the MK100. Although every prominent car brand sells a car with an MK100, it seems (at the time of writing) that it is mainly Ford cars that cause problems. In fact, more than three quarters of all MK100s that we are currently repairing come from a Ford! Four cars of which we often remanufacture the MK100 are the:

Diagnostic information for the workshop

In order to determine whether the ABS unit is actually defective, this part must first be diagnosed. That's why we've added the pin assignment for the MK100 with the 38-pin and 46-pin below. In addition, you will also find an electrical diagram for both versions below. This diagram is only intended to provide insight into the system structure. Always refer to the manufacturer's specific schematic for targeted troubleshooting.

Pin assignment 38-pins


Function Pin
Ground 13
Ground 38
Power 1
Power 25
Ignition power supply 2
Ignition power supply 6
Wheel sensor FL 36-37
Wheel sensor FR 26-27
Wheel sensor RL 29-30
Wheel sensor RR 33-34
CAN L 10
CAN H 11
Brake fluid level switch 32

Exception on CAN: Peugeot 208, Honda Civic IX

CAN H 12

Exception on CAN: BMW Flexray

Flexray 1 10
Flexray 2 22

Electric scheme 38-pins

Pin assignment 46-pins


Function Pin
Ground 14
Ground 46
Power 1
Power 30
Ignition power supply 35
Wheel sensor FL 8-9
Wheel sensor FR 4-5
Wheel sensor RL 6-7
Wheel sensor RR 10-1
CAN L 43
CAN H 42
Signal, brake pedal position sensor 20-22
Power supply, brake pedal position sensor 23
Ground, brake pedal position sensor 26

Electric scheme 46-pins

Want to have your ATE / Continental MK100 remanufactured?

Do you have a car with a defective ABS system in the workshop? Then ACTRONICS is happy to assist you with a suitable remanufacture solution. We always do our best to, for example, return this ATE MK100 to our customer within two days of receipt. If you suspect that the ABS unit is defective, but your complaint description is not on our website, please contact us. We are happy to be there for you!