Solution For Ford Error Code U3000 – Control Module | Ford ABS Remanufacture By ACTRONICS

Are you dealing with the U3000 error code on a Ford? At ACTRONICS we understand the complexity of this fault and provide an effective remanufacturing solution for the ATE MK100 ABS module that is often responsible for this fault.

What Does This Error Code Mean?

The OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) U3000 indicates a malfunction in a control module that can occur in various Ford models.

In Which Car Is Error Code U3000 Often Diagnosed?

The error code and the associated problem as we describe can be diagnosed from almost all Ford models introduced from 2015, the year that the ATE MK100 ABS module was applied. We see the U3000 error code most often in these Ford models:

The Symptoms Of Ford DTC U3000

The U3000 fault code is usually identified by the illumination of various warning lights, such as the ABS light, the brake light, and the traction control (TCS) light. On models equipped with Hill Start Assist, this indicator light may also illuminate.

Our Advice In Case Of Error Code U3000

Usually this malfunction is caused by internal problems in the ATE MK100 ABS module with ESP function and a 46-pin plug. ACTRONICS offers an efficient and effective remanufacturing solution for this problem. Simply log in or create an account on our website, start your repair order and send the ABS module to us. We always do our best to return the part within 2 days. We remanufacture the original part from the car, so coding is not normally necessary. With a 2-year warranty and significant cost savings compared to the new price (approximately 80%!), we encourage sustainable reuse. If you, as a car company, have any questions about this U3000 error code, you can always contact our product specialists.