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What is a body control module?BCU

Body Control Module (BCM) is an electronic control unit that monitors various driver switches and controls the flow to the electronic components that are not directly connected to the engine. A car can have a single BCM to monitor all driver switches and to send power to all loads, or can have multiple BCM’s where each BCM monitors a subset of switches and sends the current to corresponding loads.

BCM lets test and remanufacture

ACtronics has developed its own test set-up to test BCM’s. The Vision 6 test platform is used when testing BCM. This system is able to fully simulate the operation in a car with lights, windows, door locks and other components: everything can be controlled independently. In case of defects, a temporary solution (connect / gluing) is not chosen, but instead a more durable solution is carried out when remanufacturing a BCM.

Get the body control unit remanufactured by ACtronics?

Do you want to have a defective BCM remanufactured? Through our website you can quickly and easily have electronic parts remanufactured. ACtronics has an extensive range of BCM modules from well-known brands and models such as: PSA Siemens COM 2000 BSI and Volvo CEM module S40 / V40 1995-2004. Do you want to have a product remanufactured that cannot be found on the website? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.