Bosch EDC16C9

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Bosch EDC16C9 - ECU Repair
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Common problems

  • Vehicle won't start
  • No communication with ECU possible
  • No CAN-Bus communication
  • Complete break down
  • Fault on 5 volt circuit
  • Multiple faults

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Bosch EDC16C9 ECU Repair

The Bosch EDC16C9 ECU can be found in cars with diesel engines from different brands, for example Vauxhall and Fiat. The letters 'EDC' stand for 'Electronic Diesel Control'. The later 'C' in the type designation stands for 'Common Rail'. This type of ECU is therefore able to control engines that use Common Rail technology. Unfortunately, we still sometimes see defects in these ECUs. These failures are quite specific to this type of ECU.

Defects and common causes with the EDC16C9

The first complaint we often encounter is the non-response to the accelerator pedal, often together with error codes P1120 and P1122. The cause can be found on the circuit board in the ECU. Cracks at various components cause the ECU to fail one or more functions on a regular basis. ACTRONICS has a remanufacture solution for this problem.

Furthermore, problems with the cooling fan are also common. This is controlled by the ECU, so even if it seems to be the cooling fan, always check the control from the ECU. In many cases the ECU is defective. Another failure in the ECU is the failure of the brake pedal signal. This signal is needed for several functions, such as controlling the throttle valve, and can therefore cause major problems. The cause of this problem is really to be found in the ECU and not in the brake pedal itself.

It is also possible that the injectors are not being controlled, another defect caused by the ECU. In the ECU there are power drivers for the injectors. If these don't work, the car might not start at all. We also hear complaints about the car holding back and stalling more often than not.

However, the complaint "won't start" is not necessarily caused by a defective control system for the injectors. If there is no communication with the ECU either, the problem is elsewhere in the ECU, namely in the central brain (processor, memory etc.). Another (also very specific) complaint with this ECU is a too low battery voltage in the live data via the OBD port. This defect, especially common with Vauxhall, also triggers error code P0560 or P0562. However, in many cases the battery is fine: the cause of this problem is really in the ECU.

Finally, a remark about P0404, concerning the EGR: If it is not erasable, then there is a real chance that a short circuit has occurred in the control of the EGR valve. ACTRONICS can remanufacture this problem perfectly, but always check the EGR valve properly before replacing the remanufactured ECU. This is because a defective EGR valve can cause another short circuit.

TIP: With a possible ECU malfunction, it is important to properly diagnose the problem to make sure that the malfunction is caused by the ECU. The problems do not always have to be related to a defective ECU but can also be caused by defective sensors.


Do you want to have an EDC16C9 or other ECU remanufactured? Through our website you can quickly and easily submit a request. We also have an extensive range of remanufactures for other ECUs. Are you a private person and do you have a problem with your ECU? Please contact a car company in your area and ask them if revision by ACtronics is possible. Remanufacturing is much cheaper than new, while the quality is at least as good!

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