Honda ECUs

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Honda ECUs we can remanufacture them

When you ask a car fanatic about the Honda brand, the Civic model will undoubtedly be discussed. The Civic has been a huge success for decades. Not only in its own market (JDM), in the US and Europe millions of Civics can be found as well.

Although Honda is known as a reliable brand, they can fault from time to time. When this happens to Civics, it involves large numbers because of its popularity. In this regard we do see the ECUs, they are offered to us for remanufacture quite regularly. Think especially of ECUs such as the Honda PGM and the Bosch EDC15C7. Often these are faults related to the control of the injectors or the engine not starting at all. Another fault that we see on a regular base is the immobilizer not releasing. 

ACtronics remanufactures ECUs for the following Honda models:

  • Honda Civic V, Civic VI, Civic VII
  • Honda CRX III;