Volkswagen Polo (9N) 2002-2009

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Volkswagen Polo (9N) 2002-2009 - Instrument Cluster Repair
By choosing to remanufacture this part, you save 1 kg in raw materials.

Common problems

  • One or multiple indicators malfunction
  • Illumination failure
  • Speaker failure
  • Immobilizer system malfunction
  • Display failure
  • Total failure

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How we work

We remanufacture the part you send. Prices are exclusive of VAT and possible shipping costs. Offer only applies to garages and dealers and not to individuals.

Repair a Volkswagen Polo IV 2002-2009 instrument cluster?

The instrument cluster in this image is found in the Volkswagen Polo IV (9N, 9N2 and 9N3) built between 2002 and 2009. As with many dashboards of this generation, different faults can develop over the years. Fortunately, most defects can easily be resolved. ACtronics has a complete remanufacture solution available for this instrument panel.

Often seen faults

As soon as problems arise with the instrument cluster of a Volkswagen Polo IV 2002-2009, they will be noticeable and / or visible. Consider, for example, complete failure of the cluster, one or more meters (speedometer, rev counter) that no longer respond or a digital panel that can flash or fail completely. The lighting (LEDs) of the instrument cluster can break as well. A noticeable side effect of a cluster with faults can be the immobilizer no longer operating as required and so the car will no longer start. In short, a lot of faults that can immediately be noticed by both the garage or the driver.

Remanufacture the instrument cluster

How do we remanufacture an instrument cluster at ACtronics? Before we actually start the remanufacture process, an entry test will be performed. Depending on the outcome of the test, the remanufacture can be done by our engineers. All known vulnerable parts are addressed during the remanufacture. We do not only replace the defective parts, but we go even further. An end of line test is always performed at the end of this process. We want to be sure that we deliver quality. An instrument cluster is only returned to the customer when all faults have been resolved and the cluster is functioning properly again.

Would you like to have an instrument cluster remanufactured by ACtronics?

Would you like to remanufacture a Volkswagen Polo IV 2002-2009 or other instrument cluster? You can submit a remanufacture request quickly and easily on our website. ACtronics has an extensive range of instrument clusters of well-known brands and models like: Renault Twingo 2 2007-2014 and Vauxhall Corsa D.

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