ACTRONICS remanufacturing range 2.0

The European (H)EV market is on the rise. In recent years, electric and hybrid vehicles have caught up considerably with respect to the ICE (internal combustion engine). In 2019, 1 in about 30 new cars sold in Europe was an (H)EV, but four years later this number has already risen to about 1 in 4. A growing new market also means new opportunities. We are therefore proud to announce that ACTRONICS will offer remanufacturing solutions for (H)EV parts.

The number of electric cars has seen an explosive increase

Since ACTRONICS is represented throughout Europe, we are in contact with 'people in the front line' every day. This means getting information from the northernmost tip of Sweden to the southernmost tip of Italy. What is striking about this are the large differences per country. For example, 2022 was a top year in Norway for the (H)EV, because no less than 85% (!) of all new cars sold there were electric. In Spain, on the other hand, where 25 million cars are registered, the number of new electric cars sold remained at 4% (despite a growth of 31% compared to 2021). The total number of new cars sold in Europe with a plug passed the barrier of 2.5 million for the first time in 2022. If you compare this with the total sales of 2018, which amounted to just under 400,000 cars, it is clear that this market has grown strongly in recent years.

High priced new parts make remanufacturing even more interesting

Now that electrification is playing an increasingly important role in the overall European vehicle fleet, the first defect patterns are also gradually becoming visible. The call for remanufacturing is therefore increasing. During the first years, faulty components are often replaced by the manufacturer under warranty. Once this warranty has expired, repair/remanufacturing comes into the picture. Although electric and hybrid cars have a lower maintenance interval, the prices of any maintenance and repair are a lot higher. This has everything to do with the very high new prices of the advanced electronic components. We also see this, of course, in the new technical highlights that are also used in cars with a combustion engine. Think of infotainment systems, Integrated Power Brake and ADAS systems. But the (H)EVs also have specific parts that, as soon as they need to be replaced, are extremely expensive. The On-Board Charger (OBC) is a good example of this.

New parts to be introduced

Behind the scenes we have been working hard for a long period of time to analyze market demand. Which type of 'new parts' are prone to malfunctions? Which parts are interesting to remanufacture because of their new price? These and more questions were central to our R&D department when launching the ACTRONICS remanufacturing range 2.0. We are therefore working to roll out more and more new remanufacturing solutions during this year. Keep an eye on our website and socials to stay informed of the latest developments!

Part Defective? Simply request a quote!

Do you also have a part of, for example, an (H)EV, or a part that you cannot find in our range? Request a quote from us (login required). Maybe we can help you! After reading this article, do you have any tips about specific parts that might be interesting for our remanufacturing range? Of course we are always open to that too! In that case, send us a message via the contact form.

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