Mercedes-Benz Error Code 5001

ATE MK26 ESP - ABS-units


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N30/4 Control Unit: What does it mean and how to fix it?

If you’re experiencing a 5001 error code on your Mercedes-Benz, this article will help you understand the fault and potential fixes.

What does the 5001 error code mean?

The full description of the Mercedes 5001 error code is "Control unit N30/4 (Electronic Stability Program Control Unit), internal fault". 

This indicates problems with the ABS module. This error code is frequently seen on Mercedes-Benz models equipped with the ATE MK26 ABS system, which aligns with models produced between 2007 and 2019.

Although this ABS module is externally very similar to the better-known MK60E/MK61 ABS, internally it is completely different. It’s often more suitable for heavier vehicles and is more common on high-end cars, rather than more economy models.

Which models do these error codes occur in?

What is the impact of the 5001 error code fault?

If you are experiencing this fault, you are likely to be seeing/ feeling changes in the operations of your vehicle. This can include:

  • Interference with the emergency braking system
  • Loss of power steering, resulting in heavy or difficult steering
  • Activation of the ABS and/or ESP warning light, possibly after 10-15 seconds of driving
  • Warning messages 'Power steering malfunction see manual' or 'Restart tyre pressure monitoring after pressure check' on the dashboard

The cause of the problem

This fault is usually caused by a defect in the ATE MK26 ABS unit.

How to fix a 5001 error code

There are some surprisingly simple solutions for a fault of this nature.

Firstly, we highly recommend that you have a specialist perform the necessary diagnostic steps to confirm that the ABS module is indeed the cause of the malfunction. 

Once this is confirmed, you’ll have two options; replace the faulty part or have it re-manufactured. This means having it professionally restored to its original state with a warranty – so you get the same part back, for a fraction of the cost!

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At ACTRONICS, our remanufacturing process efficiently resolves malfunctions and fault codes. Our experienced specialists know how to repair faulty ABS’, ECUs, instrument clusters, and even TCUs.

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