Siemens Simos 7.1(A)

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Siemens Simos 7.1(A) - ECU Repair
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Common problems

  • No injector(s) signal
  • Signal to ignition coils is missing

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Let’s repair a Siemens Simos 7.1 (A) ECU!

The Simos 7.1 (A) ECU can be found in many different models of VAG (Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW).  In some cases faults are reported that have to do with the control of the injectors. Often it turns out not to be a fault in the ECU but elsewhere. We will explain below why.

Common faults and fault codes

The Simos controllers that are fitted in various VAG cars manufactured between 2001 and 2008 are frequently send in with a cylinder misfire together with a fault code on one of the injectors. Often this fault code in the ECU will test as a non-fault. After further investigation, this problem shows up as a faulty cable between the ECU and one of the injectors. Always check the wiring for faults or worn parts.

Fault codes for injector circuits in VAG petrol engines with a Simos ECU (manufactured between 2001 and 2008):

  • 16585 / P0201 Cylinder 1, Injector Circuit Fault (N30)
  • 16586 / P0202 Cylinder 2, Injector Circuit Fault (N31)
  • 16587 / P0203 Cylinder 3, Injector Circuit Fault (N32)
  • 16588 / P0204 Cylinder 4, Injector Circuit Fault (N33)

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