Hella Turbo Actuator (Garrett turbo) Turbo actuators

Common problems

  • Part or total malfunction of turbo charger
  • Vehicle has no power

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Remanufacture a Hella Turbo Actuator (Garett Turbo)

Hella's Turbo Actuator is used on Garrett turbos. The Garrett turbos are used by almost all major European car brands. In the event of a defect to the turbo actuator, the car has no or less power at its disposal.

Possible problems and fault codes of the turbo actuator 

The fault can be found during a test drive. The stored fault codes can be read with a diagnostics scanner. The most found fault in the actuator are loss of power and a partially or complete failure of the turbo. Vibrations can create loose connections on the PCB. It can also happen that the VTG blades are stuck. This causes extensive wear on the gears and rack in the mechanical part of the turbo actuator. 

Hella Turbo Actuator fault codes

  • Ford & Jaguar – P132A & P132B
  • Mercedes – 0046 – Control Circuit Performance

Technical information

When removing the turbo actuator, the regularity of the VTG adjustment must always be checked. If this is stiff, this must be fixed before the remanufactured turbo actuator is reinstalled. When installing the reconditioned turbo actuator, it must be coded in accordance to factory instructions. The normalization of the VTG adjustment must also be verified.

Effects on other parts

If the actuator malfunctions, the turbo will not function properly and the engine will not be able to perform optimally.


Failure to repair a turbo actuator can cause turbo damage and even engine damage.

Remanufacture solution for the Turbo Actuator

The turbo actuator will undergo an Entry Test upon arrival, during which the operation and all functions of the turbo actuator are checked. If the fault submitted by the customer has been found, the turbo actuator will be remanufactured. The remanufacture process consists of an electronic and mechanical part. The electronics will be remanufactured and the actuator will be fitted with a new mechanical part, the so-called "gearbox". At the end, the functional End of Line (EOL) test is performed to check if the faults have been resolved and if the turbo actuator is functioning according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Repair a turbo actuator by ACtronics

Would you like to have an Actuator or other components remanufactured? You can submit a remanufacture request quickly and easily on our website. ACtronics has an extensive range of other products like ABS & ECU units of different brands and models as well. Do you want to have a product remanufactured that is not listed on our website? Please contact our customer services to discuss the possibilities. They will be happy to help!

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