Ford ECUs

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Ford ECUs (ECM/PCM) repair

Ford is a major car manufacturer and that shows in the way they build their cars. Many car manufacturers rely on electronics from Bosch, Siemens VDO and other well-known manufacturers but Ford actually develops its own ECUs. These computers can be recognized by the name FoMoCo, which stands for Ford Motor Company.

In Europe, the FoMoCo ESU 411 in particular is well known. Problems with the input of the accelerator pedal or the release of the immobilizer are often seen when offered for remanufacture. Faulting ignition and / or injection are seen quite often as well for this type of ECU. In some cases the central processor is at fault that is not easy to replace because of the BGA structure underneath the processor. ACtronics has developed a special fully automatic machine, that can replace the processor during the remanufacture.