Fault-code 01130 in Volkswagen (VAG): ABS Operation Implausible Signal

What does this fault code mean?

When fault code 01130 shows when reading the OBD-II codes in a car manufactured by the VAG group, this will likely indicate a fault in the ABS system. This fault is commonly observed with one of the following ABS-units: 






Symptoms of fault code 01130 (VAG)

Problems with the ABS-system are serious, because they hugely impact the safety of the car. The ABS light will illuminate to warn of an issue also, This can be accompanied by a flashing parking brake light.

Causes of fault code 01130 (VAG)

Though the description of the fault code (ABS operation) may suspect that the cause is only due to a defect in the ABS-system itself, the reality is often different. Different causes can create the problem. Besides a defective ABS-unit we quite often see that the cause is actually down to a blown fuse.

Our advice dealing with fault code 01130 (VAG)

If there is a fault code 01130 in a Volkswagen or another car from the VAG group, check the fuses first. Especially when the (screw-in) fuses are located close to the battery, they blow fairly often. Remove and clean the fuse and verify correct operation. Even though a fuse might look “good”, this is not always true. If all fuses are verified to operate correctly, it is likely that the fault can be found in the ABS-unit. In that case you can use the free search on our website to find the OEM number of the ABS unit that is fitted to the car. It is of course always possible to contact our customer services to discuss your remanufacture!