Volvo V60 PHEV OBC 2013-2017: Promotion

Did you know that your old and defective electronic car parts are worth money at ACTRONICS? In order to carry out our revisions as well as possible and to provide you with even better service, we are looking for defective car parts. For example, we are specifically looking for Volvo V60 PHEV OBC (Onboard Charger) 2013-2017 units.

To make sure your part is the right one, we've added a list of part numbers at the bottom of the page.

Did you find a part?

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List of Volvo V60 PHEV OBC (Onboard Charger) part numbers:

  • 30659929
  • 31394702
  • 31453939
  • 36003020

Parts with water damage, or parts that have already been opened, are excluded from this promotion.