Honda TCUs

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Honda TCUs: we can remanufacture them

When you ask people about a well-known hybrid car, they always seem to mention the Toyota Prius. Though the innovative Honda was there from the start as well. The Civic Hybrid has long been one of the most popular hybrid cars in the world! In addition to the Civic, the Jazz (Fit) and the sporty CR-Z were later equipped with a hybrid drive as well. The CR-Z was unfortunately not a great sales success, but the Jazz did quite well.

The Jazz (model 2008-2015) and the Civic (model 2005-2012) have more similarities: both models have been available with Honda I-shift. Simply explained, I-shift is a robotised gearbox. Shifting is done automatically, but the basis is a manual gearbox. Cheap and effective. Unfortunately, the I-shift gearbox sometimes does fault. The car then shifts erratically or does not start. This might happen in combination with error code P0810. Repairing or replacing the system can be very expensive. That is why ACtronics has developed a remanufacture solution for this.

ACtronics remanufactures TCUs for the following Honda models:

  • Honda Civic VIII
  • Honda Jazz III