Siemens Simtec 71-serie

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Siemens Simtec 71-serie - ECU Repair
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Common problems

  • Signal to ignition coils is missing
  • No injector(s) signal
  • Signal to Idle speed motor failing
  • Fault on 5 volt circuit
  • Multiple faults

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Repair a Siemens Simtec 71-serie ECU?

The Siemens Simtec 71 series is an engine management system for 1.8 (Z18XE) engines used in various Vauxhall models. Drivers can notice problems with this ECU when the engine management light (MIL) on the instrument cluster is illuminated. Various other warnings can appear on the dashboard as well, the car can go into emergency mode or it might jerk and the engine might no longer run on all cylinders.

Possible defects and fault codes

Defects and faults of the ECU can be identified by a test drive, reading error codes or live data. As well as verifying the wiring, supply voltages and grounds with the wiring diagram. It is especially important to verify the input and output signals from the unit, as this is commonly where problems are found. Common faults are the lack of control of the throttle valve, injectors and ignition coils. Defects can also be present in the 5 volt circuit. Heat and vibration can cause the ECU to malfunction.

Often seen fault codes in the Simtec 71:

  • P0201
  • P0202
  • P0203
  • P0204 (injector circuit malfunction)
  • P0325 (knocks-sensor)
  • P0351, P0352, P0353
  • P0354 (ignition coil circuit malfunction)
  • P0120 in combination with
  • P1550 and P0220 (Throttle/Pedal position sensor)

Effects on different components

A malfunctioning ECU will have a major impact on other control units in the vehicle. It is possible for the engine to lose power, not run properly or not start at all. There can also be fault codes in, for example, the ABS system, the TCU or the instrument cluster.


A defective ECU can cause faults like the engine not starting, erratic running, lose power. In these cases the engine management light (MIL) will illuminate. Failure to resolve the issue can result in engine damage.

Remanufacture solution

The ECU always undergoes an Entry Test upon reception. If the fault is found, the unit will be remanufactured. Before the unit is send the End Of Line test is performed to confirm that the faults have been resolved and the ECU is functioning properly.

Remanufacture an ECU by ACtronics?

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