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Toyota ECU defective? Have it serviced!

Just as Tesla caused a landslide with its electric drive, Toyota had a real first in 1997 with the Prius: this was the first car with a hybrid drive in the world. And it turned out to be a real bull's-eye, because by now all major car brands have at least one model with a hybrid driveline in their range. This type of drive has become so popular that Toyota has also equipped the Corolla with it.

Unfortunately the smaller Aygo does not yet have these hybrid techniques. In fact, the smaller version of Toyota is built together with Peugeot and Citroën and therefore shares a lot of technology with its French brothers. The engine in the Aygo is controlled by a Siemens SID 805 ECU. This ECU is mainly known for defects that make the car refuse to start. It also happens that the engine light comes on, but the readout is not possible because communication with the ECU is not possible. But good news: this ECU can be rebuilt.

Toyota models for which we can repair the ECU:

  • Toyota Aygo