Fiat 500 2007-2014 Instrument Clusters

Common problems

  • Illumination failure
  • One or more LEDs glow dimly
  • One or multiple indicators malfunction
  • Pixel failures

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Let’s repair a Fiat 500 instrument cluster!

The instrument cluster of the Fiat 500 can be found in the Fiat 500 models built between 2007 and 2014 and the Fiat Abarth built between 2008 and 2014. Various defects can occur in the cluster, LEDs or gauges can stop operating or the info display may be defective. It is also possible that the lighting in the dashboard no longer operates. The dashboard can be found in the following models:

  • Fiat 500 C
  • Fiat 500 E
  • Fiat 500 F
  • Fiat 500 Twinair 80
  • Abarth 500

Common faults and fault codes

The following faults can appear in a defective instrument cluster:

  • A complete failure or dimmed display;
  • The light that illuminates the cluster no longer operates in whole or part;
  • The speedometer stops operating and therefore no speed rise is indicated;
  • One or more LED indication lights in the instrument panel are not operating, i.e. the warning lights;

Remanufacturing solution for the instrument cluster

Before an instrument cluster is remanufactured, an entry test is performed to see if the fault can be reproduced. If this is case, the instrument cluster is offered for remanufacture. When the cluster has been remanufactured, an End of Line (EOL) test is performed to check if the fault has been resolved.

Always remove and install the instrument cluster according to the manufacturer’s procedures. ACtronics always sends a code card with instructions to get the panel functioning in the car after a remanufacture. This code card can also be found in your account when you are logged in on our website. Always follow the instructions on the code card and clear any error codes. If you are unable to resolve this, please contact our Customer Service.

Repair a Fiat 500 instrument cluster or other parts?

Have an instrument panel or other parts repaired by ACtronics? ACtronics offers remanufacture solutions for various panels such as for: Ford Focus II 2005-2010 or Renault Scénic 2 2003-2008.

Would you like to remanufacture a product that is not shown on our website? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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