Land Rover Instrument Clusters

Looking for a remanufacturing solution for Land Rover instrument cluster? Use the filters above to select the correct part. If the correct part is not listed, please contact our customer service.

Land Rover
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Land Rover instrument cluster repair 

Land Rover is famous for its multi-functional four-wheel-driven all-terrain-vehicles. In 1948 Rover introduced the Land Rover for military purposes, but by now Land Rover only produces Luxury SUVs, models like the luxurious Range Rover (Sport, Velar and Evoque).

Specifically looking at the instrument cluster, the Range Rover (Sport), Discovery and Freelander often suffer from the same fault. This faults results in the complete failure of the instrument cluster. The speedometer and rev counter are in this situation not readable anymore, not convenient. This is why we developed a remanufacture process for these faults. Would you like to know if remanufacture is possible for your Land Rover model? Select the matching model and serial number.

ACtronics remanufactures instrument clusters for the following Land Rover models: 

  • Land Rover Range Rover (Sport);
  • Land Rover Discovery;
  • Land Rover Freelander
  • Land Rover Land Cruiser;