ABS and error code 00810 / 01435 / 059B / 01542 / 02543 / 18322? This is the solution

What do these error codes mean?

The ATE Teves (Continental) MK60 is an ABS unit that was introduced in 2002 and has been used in many cars. The MK60 is in many ways a major improvement over its predecessor. Not only is the MK60 technically better developed, but it is also over 30 percent lighter. However, the ABS is not flawless. For example, the internal pressure sensor in this MK60 turned out to get faulty very easily. Error codes that point in this direction are often easy to diagnose. However, there are also a number of ABS related error codes on cars from the VAG group (Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen) that need some further explanation. This concerns the following error codes:

  • 00810 - Sensor 1 / 2 brake pressure
  • 01435 / 059B - Sensor 1 brake pressure G201
  • 01542 - Yaw rate sensor G202
  • 02543 - Vacuüm sensor for brake booster G483
  • 18322 - Pressure sensor for brake booster G294

In which VAG car are these error codes common?

Audi A3 8P 2003-2012

Audi TT 8N 1998-2006

Volkswagen Golf MK5 1K_ 2003-2009

Volkswagen Touran 1T1 / 1T2 2003-2010

As mentioned, this ABS unit has been used in many different cars. The majority of VAG cars from the beginning of this century therefore use this ABS system.

Causes of error codes 00810 / 01435 / 059B / 01542 / 02543 / 18322

You could say that there are two different causes that cause these error codes: in some cases the cause of the problem can be found in the ABS unit, sometimes this is not the case. You can read below how you can distinguish this.

Our advice in case of error codes

As mentioned, the defect often has an external cause (outside the ABS unit). Therefore, check the functioning of the sensors and make sure that the signal arrives correctly at the ABS ECU. In many cases, the sensors can also be recoded and/or calibrated. Follow the known procedure, clear the error codes and check if the problem has been solved. Do the error codes stay away? Then the problem is solved! Does one of the error codes come back? Then the problem is probably in the ABS unit. In that case, first contact one of the technical specialists in our Customer Service department. They will come up with a suitable remanfacture solution, so that the car can be on the road again for many safe miles!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: we are happy to assist you!