Common Faults with the ATE MK60 ABS Unit

ACtronics looks at one of the most common ABS units that it remanufactures, the ATE MK60 ABS unit, and the faults associated with it.

How often have you had your engineers look at a vehicle that has ABS issues?
I would imagine that would be quite often! When an ABS unit becomes faulty there could be many different issues or faults that are pointing towards the ABS unit. One of the most common ABS units on vehicles and that we remanufacture is the ATE MK60 ABS unit which is found on Audi, BMW, Citroën, Ford, Honda, Mini, Vauxhall/Opel, Peugeot all to name a few and has two common faults within the unit. The ABS unit basically comes in three parts; the pump motor, the hydraulic control unit and ECU (not to get confused with the main engine ECU)
We commonly see faults and failures in two parts of the whole ABS unit, which are;

ATE MK-60 Angle SensorATE MK-60 remanufacture process

Failure 1: ATE MK60 ECU failure.

When there is a fault within the ECU part of the ABS unit, there are a few common faults that we remanufacture.
Firstly and probably the most common fault would be no communication with either diagnostics or the engine ECU. If you get no communication with diagnostics, you won’t then get any fault codes stored in the diagnostic machine. Most commonly communication between the ABS ECU and the main ECU breaks down, although this can sometimes be a break between the CAN-bus line going from one to the other or the CAN-bus is being earthed out along the line, most often than not though, there is a failure within the ABS ECU itself and would need to be remanufactured. However, other faults with the ECU can include wheel speed sensor faults, but we suggest changing the sensors with genuine OEM sensors and then re-testing prior to sending to us to be remanufactured.

Failure 2: ATE MK60 Hydraulic Unit fault

The other common fault that we see with this ABS unit, is the brake pressure sensor that is found within the Hydraulic Unit. This is the more common fault out of the two and one where we have a bespoke remanufacturing process for to fix the fault. We find that 99% of the time when there is a brake pressure sensor fault, it is that small micro wires within the pressure sensor brake and need replacing, which is extremely difficult to do when the wires can barely be seen by the eye, which is where our bespoke machine is used to remanufacture this unit. Although this unit is most commonly found in almost every vehicle, we are finding newer units such as the ATE MK61 and MK70 and even the Bosch 8 and 9 units being found on vehicles more often, which makes part numbers of the unit even more important.

ATE MK-60 detail